View Full Version : Kiva Ladder, Darkness Into Light, crow quill pen/ink

08-11-2018, 10:26 PM

Joel L
08-12-2018, 10:53 PM
I feel it! I think I like the stark contrast(?). The beauty of rungs makes me wish I could see some more in the black. Just a me thing. Definitely intensifies the light.

08-13-2018, 02:05 AM
More awesomeness from Gary :) Wow!

08-14-2018, 07:42 AM
I forced myself through the painful sign up process this site has to say, WOW your work is inspiring.

08-14-2018, 09:26 AM
reminds me of Yang Yu-Tang....

Charlie's Mum
08-17-2018, 04:59 PM
Very believable! Excellent tonal work ..... so dramatic!

09-03-2018, 08:00 AM
That's cool. Nice contrast between light and dark.

09-04-2018, 08:22 PM
The Kiva Ladder is part of a series of drawings inspired by Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. I've been studying the Pueblo Peoples' beliefs for several years.
The Kiva is an underground, circular room. Some are large enough to hold over 400 people. It is a place of rituals, music and dancing.
Symbolic, of course, as you are entering into Mother Earth from the Father Sky.

Thank you all for your comments! You really get it!
If you want to see the rest of the Chaco drawings, go to garygackstatter.com

09-05-2018, 04:11 PM
This is awesome