View Full Version : What glue to use for buttons/heavier collage?

04-25-2018, 08:53 AM
Hello, fellow mixed media artists.
I've already done a few collages, exclusively using magazine scraps and acrylic paint on cotton canvases. To adhere the magazine scraps, I use acrylic matte medium (from the Golden brand).

Now I would like to try using some slightly heavier materials in my collages, things like colored buttons, yarn, possibly a small metal key. If I want to adhere these objects which are more weighty than magazine paper, what glue do you think would be best? I ask this because I'm not sure if Acrylic Matte Medium is going to be strong enough to secure these heavier items to canvas.

Thank you for reading and I would appreciate any of your suggestions, or hearing about your prior experience with any glues/mediums. :music: