View Full Version : Thought Id try my hand at a dirty pour- results

03-16-2018, 01:32 PM
First one I tried...
Then the 2nd one...

03-16-2018, 02:36 PM
Wonderful. I cant decide if that second one is earth and sky or sand and sea.....

03-16-2018, 03:21 PM
Wonderful. I cant decide if that second one is earth and sky or sand and sea.....
:lol: well to be honest, it started as a sand and sea idea...I did the brown pour first....but then I thought that the "sand" looked a lot like red rocks, so I did the blue with more of a sky in mind...which made the 2nd pour really hard, because I couldn't overlap the pour as I was thinking of doing with the sea/over sand

03-16-2018, 04:05 PM
Nice work and I see the bubbling up ocean foam around rocks in the first one and water and earth coming together in the second.

03-16-2018, 05:33 PM
The second is my favorite. It has a strong earth and water feeling.

03-17-2018, 10:55 AM

03-18-2018, 06:51 AM
Interesting and very cool.
On the two pour method on the second one (didn't know you could do that), was the first part still wet when you did the second part or not?
I like the effect on the second and the first one has really nice cells.

Charlie's Mum
03-18-2018, 07:17 AM
Oooooo, nice!
I like the way you've controlled the second , and the colours.

We'd appreciate an account of how you achieved it, what you used and how , if you care to share!:)

03-18-2018, 06:52 PM
Love that second one!

03-19-2018, 06:05 AM
Great results, second one is very nice... looks like a beach and the sea :)

03-19-2018, 06:15 AM
These are fantastic. The first one could be a lunar landing, but the second one plays with the mind. I am with Gayle on this one, it could be a mountain side with beautiful sky in the background and then it is the sea running up the beach. Amazing :clap: