View Full Version : UPDATE: WIP Lion Head Viewed from Newport, RI.

02-22-2018, 03:50 PM
Haven't posted here in a while, but this seems like the right forum for this piece. Thanks for any comments.

17 X 8.5 in. acrylic on paper.

Please share your thoughts.


02-22-2018, 04:52 PM
Gorgeous colors! Somehow I feel it needs a little more work. However I love the blending of colors you have going on in the sky

02-23-2018, 09:37 AM
A stunning seascape or landscape!

02-23-2018, 10:00 AM
I agree with Chaya, interesting colors, but it looks incomplete.

02-23-2018, 11:54 AM
Attractive colors and composition to me, but I agree with Chaya and Jim.


02-23-2018, 12:04 PM
seems dim, like there wasn't enough natural light to really capture it well


Katie Black
02-23-2018, 12:13 PM
I love your colour mix, it's a strong bold landscape.

however, the sky and the land are equally strong and so I think maybe the sky needs to take more of a back seat.

02-24-2018, 12:58 AM
Chaya, Jim, Trier, I agree completely. The colors are pretty much working. The unfinished look is there, I think, because it's all knife work to this point. Some of the color mixing seems to be working but a lot of the marks are the generic bad knife marks I make if I'm not careful.

Kay, thank you. I think the colors and overall composition are strong.

La, maybe all that red in the foreground makes it look dim, along with that purplish mass at the very bottom. Thanks for taking the time.

Katie, interesting observation. Kind of gives me a fresh outlook and I appreciate that. Thanks. The upper two-thirds of the painting started out yellow and the lower part magenta. Probably need to mediate a little more with blue.

02-24-2018, 03:00 AM
Another fan of the colour scheme - unusual and bold. If you are thinking of continuing with it, the value composition is where I'd focus next. The range is not narrow enough to have a minimalist vibe, but not broad enough to provide a strong/exciting contrast. But I suspect it doesn't need much change, as the hue contrasts are quite bold.

02-24-2018, 02:01 PM
Thanks, Rick. Yes, I'm continuing with it. The biggest change is the water is now mostly blue - conventional, I know, but our visual conventions exist for a reason.

I think I'm close to the 'don't screw it up now' phase.

02-26-2018, 04:51 PM
First, thanks to everyone who supplied C&C on the WIP. Close to being done - maybe contemplating more work on the water. I'll know better after a couple of weeks.

About 8.5 X 17 in. on paper. I see there's a little strip of the mounting tape on the right edge. Please ignore.


02-26-2018, 04:57 PM
This is really beautiful. Great format. The water really seems to reflect the colors in the sky. If you are going to work on the water maybe reflect some more of the sunset red in the water. Well done. Looks like late summer.

02-26-2018, 05:33 PM
The bright colors and shimmery movement to this piece really set the mood and make it a joy to view.

02-26-2018, 05:51 PM
Do I think this too abstract and needs to better portray reflected colors on the water's surface ?
do I like the abstracting of reality as indicated by the striking and bold colors?

That is always my predicament with abstracts based on reality.

on this one, I lean more to liking the abstract side, I love the blue, even if it is not "real". The entire painting has a feeling of playful choosing of colors, a happy piece of art , reminiscent of the mood of the place, rather than an attempt to modify reality.

very good piece IMHO.


02-27-2018, 09:34 AM
Chris, Anthony, Greggo, thank you for the kind comments.

A painting is never really done as long as I can get my hands on it.

02-27-2018, 10:09 AM
A painting is never really done as long as I can get my hands on it.


Excellent stopping point! (or finish, depending...:angel:)

02-27-2018, 11:44 AM

Excellent stopping point! (or finish, depending...:angel:)

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

02-27-2018, 11:46 AM
This one moves me. Looks finished.

Katie Black
02-27-2018, 02:35 PM
Very nice indeed.

02-27-2018, 06:49 PM
Kay, Katie, thank you for the comments.

02-28-2018, 01:04 AM
Nice color and texture.

02-28-2018, 03:44 PM
Thank you, Brandon.

03-04-2018, 02:18 PM
Dramatic improvement IMHO!

Great colors and it has an ambiance that is strong and pleasing. I like it.

BTW, how did you manage to get the word "UPDATE" added to the title after it originally appeared? I wanted to do this several times, but couldn't figure out how.


03-04-2018, 02:57 PM
Thank you Trier.

I started a second thread with the word "Update" in the title. I think a forum moderator merged them. Moderators have magical powers.