View Full Version : VERY specific question about Unison pastels (portrait series)

learning to paint
12-29-2017, 12:01 AM
So there seem to be two different sets of Unison Portrait pastels (the ones that begin with the prefix P). Can somebody send me a picture of the old and new sets, or a picture of those color charts? I just bought a few individual sticks in this series, and now I'm confused about whether I own part of the old set or the new set. I have reached out directly to Unison, but I have not received an answer yet. Thanks!

12-30-2017, 12:22 AM
Dakota might be able to help with part of that. I checked and they have got photos of the 16 Portrait half sticks, 18, 36 and 72 color Portrait sets up. Click the links on the list of sets. These would be the old sets because they've been up for a while, I'd guess. Their photos are good. Colors are listed under the 36 and 72 color sets too.

If there are new colors listed as P-### colors, that's something different. I haven't seen it yet.

12-30-2017, 06:57 PM
There are different portrait colors in the UK set, the USA one has a bright blue, the UK one does not. Check out the set on Jackson's art website (uk) and compare it to blicks photo. Not sure if that answers your question.