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11-02-2017, 04:57 PM
Hello guys, i think i really need your help. Today my english teacher from my senior high school (was at that school 10 years ago) contacted me, he said, he was sharing my instagram portrait drawing, which i did in charcoal, with my high school art teacher. They said, they had an idea about me sharing my knowledge about drawing portraits with students from my high school. (i assume they ask me to share my charcoal technique, not in oil).
Thing is, i didnt have any art lesson in my life. Art is just in my blood. At college, out of nowhere, suddenly i was able to do portrait drawing. Teaching is not a problem for me, in fact, I'm a classical music teacher. I just dont really know what to share..
When i draw portraiture, my process is just like this:
1. Make a mark, somewhere on paper for the eye, and then measure everything using pencil thumb method
2. Remeasure and check if my marks are all well connected
3. Shade the dark areas
4. If using tinted paper render the light area
5. l rinse and repeat from 3
6. Make the final highlight and darkest dark
That's it, no fancy method at all. So what else i should say or teach?? Any ideas?
1. Composition perhaps?
2. Relationship between light and dark?
3. Can't teach anatomy.
4. Or perhaps should i show them how to draw lips, eyes, nose, hair? But those are all the same, just think of them as abstract shapes, isnt it?
5. Might as well ask the students to do the drawing themselves and then i give them comments perhaps?
6. I will also share my measuring technique

Oil painting has so much to share, colors, warm cool relationship, primary secondary colors, brushing technique, but charcoal is black and white, i'm afraid of running out of topic too soon. any ideas?

Some of my drawings: these are all on wetcanvas

11-23-2017, 11:53 PM
beautiful. They look like sound teaching points to me.