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10-10-2017, 08:25 PM
On March 5, 1962, to show off the speed capabilities of the new B-58 Hustler bomber, two of the aircraft were flown from Los Angeles to New York and back again. One aircraft, "Cowtown Hustler", made better time and set a new speed record. The total elapsed time, Los Angeles–New York–Los Angeles, was 4 hours, 41 minutes, 14.98 seconds averaging 1,044.97 MPH. The eastbound record set during the flight captured the Bendix Trophy as well as the Mackay Trophy for the most meritorious flight of the year. For this speed run, Convair engineers authorized a higher temperature limit for the airframe so it could exceed 1,400 MPH hence the name "Operation Heat Rise".

10-11-2017, 04:49 AM
That is a terrific piece of work of a nasty stingy waspy looking aircraft.The 1950's and 1960's were interesting times.

10-11-2017, 11:47 AM
Excellent as always, Mark.

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I think it's way too shiny ;)