View Full Version : Linoleum Carving- Ink & Lino Cutter

09-08-2017, 01:27 AM
I recently starting carving small stamps out of eraser-like material (one made by Blick. I don't remember the name). I was wondering if anybody had any advice for what to use for ink for printing.

For example, the other day I wanted to stamp on top of a page painted with gouache. I tried ink pads, which didn't show up well (these are cheap, so maybe that's why), acrylic ink, which was too runny, acrylics, which seemed to just seep into the details of my carving and I finally settled on just using gouache, which wasn't much better than acrylic paint.

What can I use to stamp that will give me a crisp, clean print and show up on other mediums? Should I be using printmaking paint by Speedball or is it possible to use other paints like acrylics or gouache? I was just applying them with a foam brush.

Also, I was wondering if anyone had advice related to lino cutter blades. I feel like I don't have much luck with the Speedball small V gouge. I know it doesn't cut deep, but in general, I just seem to have issues with it.


10-01-2017, 06:17 PM
I find acrylic gesso works well and, if colour is needed, I add fluid acrylics. A little water is added to get it to the right consistency and I use a small foam decorator's pad to apply to the block or stamp.

10-05-2017, 10:54 AM
You might consider trying printmaking inks made by Akua (they are now a Speedball product). There are two types but they both will work. Akua Kolor and Akua Intaglio.
If you roll a thin even coating of the ink onto the carved block using a soft rubber brayer it usually produces a good result.
There are other companies who make linocutting blades and tools. I purchased a set of wood palm grip type blades a few years back from McClain's (Oregon based company). These have performed quite well and were worth the investment. Unfortunately they don't appear to be listed in the McClain's website anymore. Blick Art Materials sell a variety of linocut tools including palm grip. Although I don't have the Flexcut set I have heard nothing but good reports on them. https://www.dickblick.com/products/flexcut-lino-and-relief-printmaking-set/