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CM Neidhofer
08-31-2017, 11:24 PM
Wow...August has flown by! Where has the summer gone? Anyone feel like we might have an early Autumn this year? Anyway, join us in the Scumble where we discuss our every day lives, non-art related items or maybe even a different medium you're currently excited about! :wave:

Here's a link to last month's Scumble. http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1431797

CM Neidhofer
09-11-2017, 02:06 PM
My son and wife and granddaughter rode out the hurricane in Florida. They are all fine. My granddaughter was scared. My son said his neighborhood doesn't look bad and a bunch of his neighbor's shingles are in his yard. I'm guessing they're still out of power though.

09-29-2017, 07:29 PM
Glad to hear that. It's been bad this year, the hurricanes.

09-30-2017, 11:15 AM
I hope all who were affected by the hurricanes are all safe and getting their lives back on track. I know it will affect a lot of you for some time to come but it will pass eventually and I'm sure that those who can help will. Thinking of you.:grouphug:

CM Neidhofer
09-30-2017, 12:03 PM
My son and family were fine. No major damage in his neighborhood. Without power for about 24 hours, that was it. They were lucky.

CM Neidhofer
10-01-2017, 07:11 PM