View Full Version : Looking for a drawing Tablet

08-29-2017, 03:45 AM

My friend is looking to get a drawing tablet so I am looking around to find something Ideal for him.

We're looking into getting a drawing tablet and have been looking into the Wacom Cintiq 22HD:
Wondering if this monition is compatible with Photoshop CS5? Or if there is a better recommendation for software - or even if the monitor comes with a software of it's own

Just looking for general advice on getting him one, it's a pricey commitment so I don't want him getting unhappy with it, thanks guys :)

08-30-2017, 08:29 PM
If your wanting a video monitor tablet at a savings, I got
Yiynova MVP22U+DT Full HD Pen/Finger Touch Tablet Monitor,IPS Panel, DVII Digital Input which I bought from amazon. Just look it up without the +DT

Now I so far have turned off the finger touch which is I think the RT model would have to check, once I got new drivers and managed to get my old tablet drivers completely uninstalled it has worked very well. I have not owned a wacom which of course is the cat's meow with a the pricetag to go with it. While working with the driver issue Panda city was very responsive to my inquiries. We actually got two one was my christmas present and the other my daughters (she didn't have issues LOL).

I have used it with Photoshop CC (the 10 a month photographer plan) and use it more with Clip Studio Paint Pro which is a great piece of software, it also works just fine with art rage. Clip studio Paint Pro is on sale on amazon CD (not download ) for 30.00 the EX version goes on sale from smith micro once to twice a year

Before that I went with a huion for a regular tablet, the 1060 PLUS

Not sure if that tells you anything of usefulness but there it is