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08-09-2017, 02:56 PM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/09-Aug-2017/1215231-FullSizeRender_009.jpg Acrylic painting on 12" x 36" canvas. Comments and Crits are appreciated. Thanks for looking.

08-09-2017, 03:48 PM
I love the soft neutral tones in this one with your minimal vibrant colors! Palette knife?

08-09-2017, 06:03 PM
I like both colors and focus. Don't actually see anything paranoid, delusional or a combo of the two. This is actually calming with the neutrals, blues and violets moving together.

08-09-2017, 10:30 PM

X hits the spot

this one is REALLY interesting:clap:

08-10-2017, 07:48 AM
Like looking at something through frosted glass. Interesting effect. :)

08-10-2017, 09:11 AM
The work and the title go hand in hand very nice.

08-10-2017, 11:12 PM
Thank you to all for taking the time to comment. I appreciate all the different interpretations. I used a flexible plastic piece to scrape away the layers in a less rigid manner than a palette knife. This one actually has a lot more texture than what shows in the photo - and my thought with the title was to take the calming colors and muddle them up with the texture of the layers above to represent what my impression of what paranoia might be.

Thanks again

08-11-2017, 10:55 AM
An interesting textural piece. It doesn't speak to me of paranoia or delusions but then I expect we all have our own interpretations of those