View Full Version : WDE July 14 2017 - Big Green Blob Tries to Eat Hertford Cathedral

07-15-2017, 01:53 PM
Here's my sad and hilarious try at watercolors - not my medium, as you can see! :lol: I did enjoy working with them, though - and after the paper dried, I remember a wise man once said, "when in doubt, get the ink pens out." Or... maybe I said that. ☺ Anyway, suggestions are welcome, thanks for looking and comments.


07-15-2017, 02:44 PM
Sandra, not as bad as you think. I like the building in the background. I also like the stone wall..nice texture.

You need some small dark greens in the shrubbery, especially at the base to show the shadows between the branches. You are on the right track with the pen.


07-15-2017, 04:22 PM
i agree with Anne..wonderful job on the church and that wall !
tyree :)

07-15-2017, 04:51 PM
Good job!:)

07-15-2017, 06:13 PM
Thank you for the suggestions, I'll incorporate into my next watercolor (amazingly, I'm going to try again!) 🙃

07-15-2017, 07:26 PM
Of course you will try them again.... that's what watercolors do, they suck you in when you see what other people can do with them..... keep plugging, girlfriend...I'm in Meclenburg County, near you??? We could fight the fine fight of w/c's together!!!:thumbsup:

07-15-2017, 08:44 PM
Looks good - and Anne has good ideas :)

07-15-2017, 09:29 PM
Yep, it works, take Anne's tips and keep going with it. Glad to see your efforts turned out so well here, and that you did not give up. They are addictive!

07-16-2017, 04:50 AM
A brave attempt, and your title made me laugh! Why not try painting the sunshade in the foreground red, to give it a bit of a zing? Keep it up - I haven't been brave enough to try painting any challenge yet.

Pine Cone
07-16-2017, 10:44 AM
Your title cracked me up!!! And I think you did better than you realize. Your idea to add pen was a good one, and the subtlety of the pen is superb! The wall is my favorite part. The combo of the watercolors with the pen is just beautiful there, exactly as it is... I'm glad you'll keep workng with watercolor - you'll do well!

Charlie's Mum
07-16-2017, 12:25 PM
I agree with the others, much better than you credit yourself for!
Wc are difficult but much of this is delicate and lovely ..... the idea to add redto the sunshade is good too ... then repeat the red in a couple of other pkaces (like blossoms?) And this will sing:)
Brilliant title!

07-16-2017, 03:17 PM
...well done, and fun title too 👍🏼

07-17-2017, 04:32 PM
It's a bold statement. We can see exactly what's there. I only use washes of watercolour on pen or pencil drawings. I'd be inclined to experiment further with this one. Maybe washing out some green and adding some red tones. I remember reading about Paul Nash the British artist who is supposed to have been in the habit of giving his watercolours 'a good scrubbing'!'

07-20-2017, 12:22 PM
Nice watercolour!

07-20-2017, 03:34 PM
If this is your first try not bad at all.with your next try you will find something new that you did and you will enjoy.Imelda

07-22-2017, 09:37 AM
Good first attempts at WC, nice textures, just a bit more contrasts with those greens (greens are hard ) keep up the good work, WCs are fun and rewarding

07-23-2017, 12:21 PM
Thank you all for the compliments, suggestions, and encouragement. I have done another watercolor since, and a value scale. This is a fun medium, I plan to continue learning with it.

07-24-2017, 06:49 AM
I agree also on your being too hard on yourself. Good suggestions on the powerful green. I use a "Magic Eraser" by Mr. Clean for the 'scrubbing' Harry suggests.

07-25-2017, 10:54 PM
With a title like that, I had to look! Welcome to the battle.