View Full Version : Smiling girl

06-27-2017, 09:24 AM
Last week's drawing. C&c welcomed!

Donna T
06-27-2017, 11:52 AM
Nicely done! She is smiling with her eyes as well as her mouth.

06-27-2017, 10:07 PM
Thanks Donna!

06-28-2017, 12:01 AM
softened some areas

Charles Perera
06-28-2017, 04:04 AM
It is the same young girl that you have painted once again. This is really photographic rather than a pastel painting. The painting is remakable and she is adorable.


06-28-2017, 06:53 AM
It's a beautiful portrait. I like how you've softened it. Her smile is all over her face. I can feel the soft texture of her hair, but what may sound funny and I hope does not offend you, I really, really like her neck. I wish I could tell you why. Is it the sweep of her hair that draws me? Is it the delicate shadowed recess below the glowing face? Maybe it's that my eye moves down the left following that slight angle to the right, up the column of her neck to her ear lobe and back to her glowing face. I've rarely noted that in other portraits. This is more than just a face or an expression. Well done!

06-30-2017, 07:02 AM
Thank you so much Charles and artelahe for your kind words!

07-04-2017, 10:58 AM
This is so lovely!
Her hair is so beautifully done. I really like how you painted each side of her hair in a different technique.

07-05-2017, 10:54 PM
Thank you Nick!