View Full Version : WDE June9 laundry and ol'blue eyes

06-14-2017, 03:03 PM
I painted both of these this weekend in a workshop on capturing light and looser painting

both on 11x14 paper
both in under 2 hrs.

could not decide where the cool and warm colors were in the bg of the laundry so it is kind of all midtone


loved getting loose with the kitty


I intended on doing the challenge too, but alas I did not.

06-14-2017, 05:48 PM
Nice work on both of these but I especially like the laundry.


06-14-2017, 06:21 PM
Oh wow Bonnie, I love the washing and you have made it a hundred times better than the photo. It glows with light. Who would have thought my boring old clothes line could look so good.
I love to see how people can make something special out of ordinary everyday things:clap: :clap:
That blue eyed cat is pretty special too.

06-14-2017, 07:53 PM
Both are delightful. I love the loose style and bright colors. And the cat's eyes are terrific.

06-15-2017, 06:59 AM
oooh ..you've made the laundry so lovely and interesting ! and love the blueeyed kitkat ! tyree:)

06-15-2017, 11:05 AM
Very good on the laundry scene, one of my favorites of yours now. The kitty is soft but bold with your treatment of its best features, the blue eyes.

06-15-2017, 01:03 PM
The laundry is especially wonderful.

06-17-2017, 09:50 AM
Love the colours of the laundry and the cat looks mesmerizing!