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06-09-2017, 05:18 AM
Hi all,

I bought my very first set of pastels a few years ago, after seeing the paintings of this friend of mine. Actually she's the mother of one of my best friends, but she is so open-minded and young spirit, and with such a big heart, that I consider herself a close friend as well.

She started painting in a hard moment of her life, after an important surgery, when she could not move much so painting was a relief and a past-time. I was so impressed by her paintings, she said she was painting when she was younger, then stopped, and then during these times of illness found the motivation to start again.

After a few years, she's doing a lot of exhibit in my area, and I think she's constantly improving and love her style so much, that I think it is worth sharing with you. I think she has a very personal style and also a great technique.

She paints mainly in pastels and watercolors.

I'd invite her here, but unfortunately she does not speak english :(

But here's the link to her fb profile for her art. Her name is actually Antonella but she choose a different name for her art page.
Hope you like her paintings, and I am curious to know what do you think, with a much expert eye than mine.


06-16-2017, 08:53 PM
Nat the link doesn't work. I'm sorry I can't see your friend's work.

06-17-2017, 09:58 AM
The link worked for me. It is a Facebook profile, so if you're not on Facebook, it may not work.


06-20-2017, 10:03 AM
Thanks Shallbe, indeed it was working for me and I did not understand. I know a facebook profile might be not the best thing to post but it's the only place where she displays her work...however if anybody can see the paintings I would be glad to hear your thoughts :)

BTW Shall I post an alert that some paintings can contain nude? I'm putting the icon of the booty, hope it is correct!

07-01-2017, 01:50 AM
Unfortunately the internet link is not public. I just got to see a work from your friend (one with two hands picking up butterflies). It is little to express an opinion, however in this single work you can understand enough subtlety and technique. There is also a softness in the line, although the theme reveals something like a search for freedom through nature.

It's little, but I hope I have helped.