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06-09-2017, 12:49 AM
Oh hi there. I made one art per day in average so I felt it is best if I just put them all on a single thread. I do both digital and traditional although mostly digital. I am self-taught and work as a game designer. I draw a variety of stuff, but mostly either dark themed or cartoon. From gore, monster, dragon, fantasy, to a cute dog.

My character from a roleplay, redrawn with a style inspired by HR Giger. Drawn in Photoshop with a single brush. Background by Infrablack-stock

The Gardener and The Flower
This is a tale of a mage... who love plants so much, he has acres of an orchard... of magical and non-magical trees. One day, a lady of vines and flowers appear before him, and he thought that 'how lovely, he found a plant he can love so dearly'. The lady is a goddess named Flora. And thus they are married. Mal and Flora, the gardener and the flower goddess

These are characters from the world Sundalle, own by sunslayer / slayerbat
Drawn in Photoshop with a single brush. Art style inspired by Stephanie Pui-Mun (puimun.deviantart.com/)

06-09-2017, 09:54 AM
Very creative work! I really like all the little details in the second one.

06-09-2017, 12:26 PM
Very interesting art work, and love the second one.