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05-31-2017, 09:18 PM
Welcome to the Weekend Drawing Event!

Please note that the limit of images has been changed from 16 to 10. With participation down from past years, it seemed unreasonable to expect hosts to come up with 16 images when there in fact may be fewer than 16 participants! We are hoping more of you will decide to host a WDE now that the preparation will be a bit easier. Posting a different image in the invitation is optional.

I will be posting 10 images and a challenge . This week I am also including small digital posterized black and white versions in just a few values, to go with the Challenge (and they also can be helpful in image simplification).

Please wait until all are uploaded before commenting - thank you.

You have 30 minutes to make your choice and choose your materials - you may use any medium.

For the next two hours, just go for it……then STOP!, scan or photograph your work and post it in your own new thread with your title, beginning with WDE, plus date, plus title.

When you introduce your work, please add a description of size, medium, support (paper, canvas etc) and time taken.
If your work is digital, we'd appreciate a description of whether it's freehand drawing/painting, manipulated image or done using the filters available in some programs - you could also say which program you've used.
All are acceptable but we'd like to know the "hows, whys and wherefores"!!

Use WIP for any work in progress at the 2 hour mark, and MI for multiple images if other works are to be added before the following Monday.

NB. To avoid forum flooding, please put all of your work during the weekend, for the current WDE, into a single thread: multiple threads will be merged!
From the following TUESDAY, you may open a new thread for later work.

You have the whole week to participate - until the next WDE starts (usually Friday). If you finish a piece after that time, please post in its own thread and try to give the date/host of that particular week - if you can!

After posting your contribution, please view others’ entries and comment and encourage when you can. Unless requested, please refrain from critiquing.

Here we go- hope you find something you like!

apples at the market larger image (http://www.wetcanvas.com/RefLib/showphoto.php?photo=186908&size=big&ppuser=6393)

bird at the feeder larger image (http://www.wetcanvas.com/RefLib/showphoto.php?photo=186904&ppuser=6393)

Golden Gate Bridge larger image (http://www.wetcanvas.com/RefLib/showphoto.php?photo=186903&size=big&cat=&ppuser=6393)

Kids playing larger image (http://www.wetcanvas.com/RefLib/showphoto.php?photo=186910&size=big&cat=&ppuser=6393)

more to come!

05-31-2017, 09:33 PM
This is Little Bean, for this WDE only. Her parents want her social media exposure to be very limited, so we'll just use her nickname.

little purple flowers larger image (http://www.wetcanvas.com/RefLib/showphoto.php?photo=186911&size=big&cat=&ppuser=6393)

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco larger image (http://www.wetcanvas.com/RefLib/showphoto.php?photo=186905&size=big&cat=&ppuser=6393)

snowshoe trail on Spyglass Hill, Rothesay NB larger image (http://www.wetcanvas.com/RefLib/showphoto.php?photo=186906&size=big&ppuser=6393)

road near Sussex, New Brunswick (wonder if they are any relation to the Dutchess of Cambridge? ;) ) larger image (http://www.wetcanvas.com/RefLib/showphoto.php?photo=186907&size=big&cat=&ppuser=6393)

my tagine pot and , I forget the name of that flower larger image (http://www.wetcanvas.com/RefLib/showphoto.php?photo=186909&size=big&cat=&ppuser=6393)

That's it! Now the Challenge, if you choose to give it a try:
It is often said that as long as the values are accurate you can use any colors . So, go wild, go neutral, go wherever you want with color! Just keep the values more or less accurate.

Have fun!

Charlie's Mum
06-16-2017, 08:18 AM
What a good idea to add the b/w digis to help!

thanks Wendy - I almost thought some of these were from Britain ...... the Middletons, Sussex, Rothesay!:lol:

06-16-2017, 09:06 AM
Thank you for the wonderful images Wendy! The last one, the flower is an Anthurium.

06-16-2017, 09:50 AM
Great photos Wendy! Love the values. Coming up w/ 16 is hard to do considering the actual number of artists doing the WDEs nowadays. As for the name Middleton, our neighboring rancher family here in west Texas are of same name.

What type bird is that?

06-16-2017, 10:10 AM
Great images, and I really like this challenge. Thanks Wendy! Kay, that's a rose-breasted grosbeak, I think.

06-16-2017, 06:57 PM
Okay, thanks Holly.

06-17-2017, 08:03 AM
Thank you for the lovely images Wendy..and the interesting challenge too!!

Hoping to join in..


06-17-2017, 07:30 PM
Great challenge and images wendy

06-17-2017, 10:00 PM
Beautiful photos!

06-18-2017, 08:36 AM
Lovely photos, and good decision to change the number of photos - much more manageable! I thinks I need to sign up to host again, I have some summer photos. But first, to choose from this week's selection.....