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Donna T
05-27-2017, 01:04 PM
We have had so much rain here in the Northeast. I looked out one evening and noticed that everything seemed to be bathed in a greenish light. I did a pencil sketch, took notes on the colors and used a pinkish red underpainting for a little contrast and warmth. In an effort to break from being so literal I went in a more blue direction. Not the best photo but somewhat close. 6x8 on mat board with gesso and pumice gel.


water girl
05-27-2017, 05:41 PM
Donna, I love the simplicity of this landscape. Your underpainting sings right through those trees. Well done.

05-27-2017, 06:27 PM
Love the simplicity and moodiness of this Donna, and that textured board is the perfect surface too. Really, really nice!

05-28-2017, 07:26 AM
That is sooo gorgeous! Wow. Simple yet very complex. Amazing color.
What pumice gel do you use?

Donna T
05-28-2017, 07:52 AM
Thanks Karen, Tammy and Jessica. I like that the texture prevents me from adding fine details so I can see what it feels like to paint a little looser.

Jessica, I've only ever used Golden Fine Pumice Gel. As long as I don't dilute it too much I've had good luck with the amount of tooth it makes. I bought some Light Molding Paste but haven't had a chance to try it yet. It might make way too much texture for pastels but the experiments should be fun.

05-28-2017, 09:39 AM
Hmmm... I wonder how the fine pumice gel compares to the Golden pastel ground, which I have and like. Your results are inspiring. :)

05-28-2017, 11:43 AM
Beautiful piece of artwork Donna! I agree with Karen, that under painting really sets the colors off, and adds to the mood of the painting. I really like that texture showing through also. :thumbsup:

05-28-2017, 12:51 PM
Wonderful use of the medium. I love the design and the color choices. Gary

05-28-2017, 05:26 PM
Great piece. Love the suggested detail with the textured board

05-28-2017, 09:45 PM
This is really lovely. I like the moody air and how it is offset by a bit of pink showing from the under painting. I live in the northeast as well and it is just like when a bit of light pushes through but then is diffused just at the end of it's journey on a rainy day. It throws off a bit of color that we are sublimely aware of but can't always bring forward in our minds? I am not quite sure if I am quite describing that correctly. It is kind of like having a word on the tip of your tong. But, with color.

Okay, that makes no sense at all moving on..........

I have yet to try adding my own grounds to paper and board. But, this may just inspire me to try! I have quite a bit of gesso lying around for acrylic painting (Pre-stretched canvas almost always seems to need and extra coat the days. Unless you are buying very upscale canvas.) I also have quite a lot of mortar board and paper about as well. I am assuming I can get pumice from Blick?

05-28-2017, 09:47 PM
I really like this it gives the feeling of diffused light and color. The effect one often sees during and just after rain.

05-29-2017, 09:06 AM
Fascinating technique and glorious colour. I love the subtleties of red and purple hints from beneath.

Donna T
05-29-2017, 04:35 PM
Thanks so much Rob, Gary, welpaint, jlombardi and Leslie. I guess I'll try to keep going in this direction since no one is complaining about a lack of details. :)