View Full Version : Bit spotting - Digital versus Traditional

05-24-2017, 02:16 PM
I work mostly traditionally but have been getting into digital a bit more.

I love the work of https://www.instagram.com/dicetsutsumi/. He paints traditionally and digitally but even his digital stuff ends up looking pretty traditional/painterly - to my eye, at least, which brings me to my question.

1. What are some telltale signs of digital art to look out for? I usually just get a feeling but sometimes that feeling turns out to be flat out wrong.

2. Color gamut. In digital you can get any old saturation you like with any hue and since you're not physically mixing, you don't have to deal with desaturation in the same way. Assuming you don't go nuts in traditional and have tubes of every crazy high sat hue, am I right in thinking that one of the telltale signs of digital is often unnaturally high saturation?