View Full Version : Fixative, Droplets and Spray Pumps

05-23-2017, 11:02 PM
I've been experimenting with SpectraFix, and while it works well for my purposes, the spray pump tends to spit out heavy droplets that leave watermarks on my finished work. Is there a better delivery mechanism I could be using? Some kind of perfume atomizer, perhaps?

05-24-2017, 12:29 AM
I had the same problem you did. Mine didn't spray well when it was brand new. If you do get one that works at first you do need to flush and clean the spray mechanism after every use with lots of water and / or alcohol or you will get dried bits of material in the tiny spray opening that will make it even worse.

Nothing I tried got rid of the large drops with the original sprayer. It ruined one of my pieces so I quit using it for a while. Later I really needed some fixative so I tried using an eyeglass cleaner spray bottle that had a finer mist spray and that seemed to work pretty well with no spitting, though the pattern was way too small to be practical.

Finally I ended up wit what was the best applicator by a landslide - a compressor driven small detail spray gun. It works perfectly every time and can lay down an imperceptible layer of fixative if you practice with it. Unfortunately you will need a compressor for one of these, but if you already have a compressor you might consider it. I use my detail spray gun for all kinds of art and other stuff. You can use it to spray paints and varnishes as well for refinishing frames and furniture. I use it for spraying gesso on panels for my oil paintings.

An air brush can also work, but the spray pattern is pretty narrow. You can get a detail gun for $18 to $40 on Amazon. If you buy a compressor make sure it will meet the CFM requirements and then some for the detail gun. If you use fixative in all your work I think it would be a good investment.