View Full Version : My attempt at a demo by Liz Heywood-Sullivan

05-06-2017, 09:19 PM
Just did this simple night scene study and for the practice.
The cloud above the moon are too bright, and distracting I'd like to fix this and I already tried everything I know that usually works but I'd like some advice and suggestions they are always welcome!
I did this on a piece of Masonite coated with Golden's Acrylic ground for pastels and Blicks artist pastels and Rembrandt's artist pastels and Mount Vision artist pastels.
It's 13"x9" Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it!C&C always welcome and appreciated!
I picked this demo for 2 reasons 1-I really liked the way the reflection of the moon seemed to vibrate and 2- I'm planning on painting a landscape from a reference photo from the RIL here on WC which I'm excited and yet nervous! Anyway the painting I want to do is a gorgeous night scene of the tops of some buildings I think it's great I guess I'll have to find out... the hard way by posting it here...!! Here goes!