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Three Scouts armed with SS.11 missiles attacking the howitzer batteries to the west of Stanley racecourse in support of 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment on the morning of the 14th June 1982.

In the foreground is 3 BAS Scout of ‘B’ Flight Scout of Lt Vince Shaunhnessy (pilot) and Cpl G Carvell (airgunner) Scout XW616. In the centre is XW282 of 656 Sqdn Army Air Corps, Capt John Greenhalgh (pilot) and LCpl John Gammon Para (air gunner) and behind Scout of Sgt C Watkins (pilot) and Cpl H Whale (air gunner) Scout XV140.

One SS11 blew up an ammunition dump alongside the guns and others hit the guns themselves. Soon soldiers could be seen hurrying away from the guns by a narrow track which led out through the surrounding minefield. After firing a total of eleven SS11 missiles the enemy battery was silenced and the guns abandoned. A series of Argentinian retaliatory mortar rounds fell onto the Scouts’ position. The Scouts quickly pulled back off the ridge, their task complete.

Capt John Greenhalgh was awarded a DFC for his actions during Operation Corporate.

Of the 9 DFCs awarded during Operation Corporate 4 were awarded to Scout pilots.

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Excellent painting, lots going on. Looking forward to seeing more

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That is full of action and detail.What size is this and is it Gouache as well as the Nimrod?

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Great subject , unusual viewpoint , works very well . Another unsung role that deserves attention . Very brave men flying those with Pucara's , SAMs etc around .

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Yes this is also gouache and 75cm by 35cm. This is a format I have really come to like, and this is the 11th painting in this dimension. I feel it gives a bit more space for movement. I use full watercolour sheets which once stretched give me about 1cm either side of spare paper.

04-30-2017, 12:25 PM
Great subject and nicely done, aslawrence.