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Courtney Jordan
04-28-2017, 09:11 PM
**Please Read**
Hello Wet Canvas members,

I wanted to let you know that several users are continuing to experience problems due to the site hack that took place earlier this week. Our tech team has been given the specifics and is pursuing fixes to address this is quickly as possible.

Apologies to any and all of you that are exposed to this. Thank you for your patience and thanks to those who raised the issue so that it could be resolved as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to reach out to me via PM if you have any questions and I'd be happy to discuss further.

I will be monitoring the situation over the weekend and will relay information to the community as it comes my way. Again, thank you for your patience and for being alert to this!

All my best,

Courtney Jordan
Wet Canvas // Administrator

05-02-2017, 01:18 PM
I am getting an adult page showing occasionally ,i assume this is the same hacker.

05-03-2017, 02:18 AM
I believe investigations are continuing.