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04-08-2017, 01:07 PM
Just finished this one, having a break from my acrylic ventures to pick up my pencils again. This chappy lives at the Highland safari park in Scotland and every time we passed his enclosure he would pop his head to see what we were up to. He looked very comical. I drawn him using polychromos coloured pencil on cream mountboard. He measures 8"x11". I tried out a new technique forthe bricks using a tutorial in Mike Sibley's book line to life which worked quite well. I am very pleased with my brick laying skills:lol:. Hope you like

http://i411.photobucket.com/albums/pp199/lisapencil/cranecomplete%20copy_zpsnafcnvdc.jpg (http://s411.photobucket.com/user/lisapencil/media/cranecomplete%20copy_zpsnafcnvdc.jpg.html)

Rod Turner
04-08-2017, 01:29 PM
Real nice!

chammi kaiser
04-08-2017, 04:50 PM
You have missed your vocation Lisa - a bricklaying artist mmmm!!!!! :D Joking apart the bricks are excellent and I really like your crane with his whacky personality. Super.

04-09-2017, 07:57 AM
Thanks very much Rod and Chammi. I do work with my husband in his landscaping business, so I have an understanding of cement mixing, although I haven't actually tried brick laying I leave that to Gordon. There is an artist who was in involved in a sculpting project at a place called Darlington near where I live who designed a life size train made entirely from bricks, although he didn't actually do the construction. This was to comemmorate the train history of the area. I can't remember his name off hand but is quite famous. :wave:

04-09-2017, 10:24 AM
Good work on a fun piece. It has a lot of personality. I love cranes, and despite the fact I've been by that wildlife park countless times I have never visited it. The brick train in Darlington is amazing though!

04-09-2017, 02:04 PM
You're a great mason and even greater artist! Love this fellow.

04-13-2017, 01:36 AM
Well done Lisa m nice textures on the bricks too

04-14-2017, 02:37 PM
Nice work. Just a peek! Do you know what kind of crane it is?

Vivien Maloney
04-15-2017, 12:13 AM
He's lovely and so very interested in all that's going on!
And your congratulations on your brick laying, beautiful brick laying indeed!

04-16-2017, 11:57 AM
Thanks very much everybody. Hi Jonc50, it is a european crane:cat:

04-17-2017, 06:38 PM
Love the title. Did an emu with the same look. Sure puts a smile on your face, don't it.

04-18-2017, 02:02 PM
Hehehe the crazy look.... Is cool Lisa

04-18-2017, 03:31 PM
What fun! Well done. Your crane is a character.

04-19-2017, 03:17 PM
Lovely, great work on the brick laying too :)