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04-05-2017, 06:46 AM
I sympathise with Don, and have felt the same several times, especially when you have 200+ views and not even a 'thanks mate!.' And yes I'm as guilty as any one. I'm really not bothered about C&C, and I don't often give it, as I don't feel qualified. When I see the Form going quiet I used to re post stuff just to keep the pot boiling. Haven't posted much new stuff as I haven't been painting much apart fron some private stuff ( which Royal Mail seems to have lost ) anyway here's another rave from the grave.
HMS Engadine aircraft transport, loading replacement Swordfish in the Clyde.
Post war re-named Clan Buchanan
Acrylic on mount board approx 18" X 10"

Chas McHugh
04-05-2017, 07:18 AM
When you have an Artist whose background effectively makes him a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in his chosen genre; it is a gutsy move to make any criticism, especially when you know (of) the individual not having any aspirations towards the Royal Academy and who is very comfortable with what he does and how he does it.

However there are some basics that improve the effectiveness of any painting with regard to composition. In this case the sky over dominates the composition and lacks 'interest' (although I do like the inclusion of seabirds) and so I would recommend that you adopt the 'Third line' for your horizon which would have brought into play more foreground water, and wave detail. Not much I grant you; but enough to have a positive effect.

I always look for 'light' when reviewing any work, closely followed by form (or shape) inclusive of light and shadow. Primacy also matters and you have to ask: "Is this a Swordfish going to a ship or a Ship receiving a Swordfish". If it were mine, I would have given the Tug / Swordfish combination clear primacy and dominate the page. The caveat being that I know only too well that you have enjoyed completing the painting, and it shows in the finished piece - so something must be right.

"Thanks Mate" :wave:

04-05-2017, 07:59 AM
Most of my painting have the big sky, on purpose, I usually try to leave a good margin all round. You can always cut off but not add on. This is why I like to use the wide format canvas for convoys etc. The Mountboard paintings are done on scraps and so are odd sizes .
I thought the tug and lighter were the main subject, with the ships waterline and the tug's bow wave leading the eye through the painting into the distance, thus tying it all together. Many would have left it with the three main subjects, but then it is all happening in the middle of nowhere, here, there is the potential of another painting happening in the background.
So often on WC you see excellent paintings of, say a farm yard, or harbour, beautifully painted buildings boats etc. I think people are so glad to come up with a nice looking barn, they forget it is in the world, and probably sits among weeds, mud, scrap and the odd hen or thee!. All of which give the picture a bit of soul. Even deraliction can be given life which makes it look real, not just paint shaped like a ruin.

04-05-2017, 12:13 PM
I like it, Jim. I kind of like the big sky. Reminds me so much of being on the water in early morning, surrounded by sky.

04-05-2017, 04:05 PM
I am good with what you have here Jim. I think you could have dropped a touch more colour on the transport and it would strengthen that pairing a little. The transport being below the ridge pushes it into the background for me. I think the location of the ships and how you have the upper wing on the swordfish break the distant mountain ridge bring you back to it as the subject.

04-05-2017, 05:45 PM
I like this painting . I love the great outdoors , especially the Scottish Highlands and therefore enjoy wide vistas and big skies .
There's plenty of recession and tonal differences in near and distant objects in this piece . I might have moved the tug combo slightly more central , not by much but overall it works for me.
I try to comment on posts in here as often as possible but sometimes find I have nothing to add or detract from the piece which makes any comment worthless .