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online art
03-31-2017, 11:00 AM
Hi everyone.

Just finished this wolf.
approx 16 x 13.5in pastelmat. Pan + pencils
hope you like it.

there are more steps on my Facebook for anyone interested in seeing them -




03-31-2017, 02:38 PM
Wow! Beautiful!

03-31-2017, 02:59 PM
Beautiful and I am so happy to see your use of Pan Pastels. I love them for underlayers.

03-31-2017, 03:05 PM
That is gorgeous! Beautiful work!!
Thanks for sharing.🙂

03-31-2017, 03:22 PM
Beautifully done!

I would like to ask, what do artists do to fix the pastel layer before beginning with the pencils? What paper might this be?

Thanks in advance.

03-31-2017, 04:40 PM
I too have a question if u don't mind. I tried pastel papers and one was too rough, but I could not get a fine point to my pastel pencils for sharp details. Is there a way to sharpen them? I can't figure out how to get the crisp details with pastel pencils...
Also the suggested fixatives greatly changed the colour in uneven ways. My last commission I had to redo the pastel and leave it. As for sharp details I finally gave up and used colour pencil. I was using a charcoal paper. It turned out nice but I realized I need the proper pastel paper and roughness and try to learn the rest. Hopefully some good YouTube videos are out there.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.🙂

04-01-2017, 12:12 AM
This is so impressive! Incredible work on the fur textures.

04-01-2017, 01:55 AM
That is stunning! What a beautiful picture!

online art
04-01-2017, 03:21 AM
hi in answer to your questions about paper types, how to sharpen pencils etc I have all the answers in the pastel section of my youtube channel here - Channel link (https://www.youtube.com/user/wildlifeartjm)

04-01-2017, 07:23 AM
Beautiful work. Such attention to detail.

chammi kaiser
04-01-2017, 11:04 AM
Stunning work with those pastels Jason.

04-01-2017, 12:46 PM
Thank you Jason! Great channel. I have subscribed.:thumbsup:

04-03-2017, 10:37 AM
So real he could reach out and bite us. Wonderful and stunning work!

04-03-2017, 11:46 AM
Amazing :)... beautiful work

04-03-2017, 02:41 PM
Awesome detail!! So life like. :thumbsup:

04-03-2017, 03:31 PM
Wonderful Wolf!
Great detail and the fur is so soft, like I could reach out and pet him, but I wouldn't want to be bitten, or more likely make the wolf run away.

04-05-2017, 11:59 AM
Beautiful! I love the lighting and the soft texture of the fur.

04-05-2017, 08:16 PM
WOW!! Stunning!

online art
04-06-2017, 06:25 AM
thanks everyone for the lovely comments - it is very much appreciated

04-07-2017, 01:19 AM
Stunning, as always Jason! Excellent work on that fur.