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03-25-2017, 04:37 PM

I know it's an almost finished piece but it was 2 hours of concentrated sketching this afternoon with a group I belong to. Not a subject I normally do as formal still life set ups aren't what interest me. So, done as practice, observation - which went a little haywire on that front grey vase! it seems to have a bad case of mumps. I'll look at it again and see what I can fix another day.

Pastel and about 15 inches square

I didn't set it up and would have spaced things a little more and had less objects, there were even more vases and things crowded in - this is edited!

03-25-2017, 09:44 PM


Monastic Bat
03-26-2017, 11:43 AM
Love it!

Joan T
03-27-2017, 08:45 PM
Super still life!!!

03-27-2017, 10:14 PM
Such a good job here! Wowee!

03-30-2017, 08:50 PM
The yellow works so well, and I love how you handled the flowers

04-02-2017, 03:27 PM
Thank you :) - not my usual type of subject so purely experimental and seeing how it went!

and a little one


done as a demo for students

Joan T
04-06-2017, 09:13 PM
Nice landscape!

04-14-2017, 10:12 AM
thanks :)

I've been wrestling with acrylics and wanted to complete a paintng in them ( I only really use them for underpainting) - but for some of the finishing bits I've given in and used oils, though most of the painting is acrylic

It's still in progress but here are a couple of details


about a 6 inch section of a 24 inch painting. All acrylic and feeling no need to get the oils out in this


streaky sky :( give up and use oils. I had wanted to use glazes with colour luminous and subtly changing - easy in oils but not (for me) in acrylics


with glazes of oil paint (and some a little thicker), not finished but doing what I want :)

I glazed some of the dark sky colour over the undergrowth in places but the camera is picking it up as separate colour too strongly - it actually darkens but doesn't stand out as purple like this

I wanted to get that wonderful light when the sky in the distance is a threatening deep purple, with the nearby landscape sunlit and glowing against the darkness. The late spring/early summer fresh growth is coming up through the dried seedheads from last year and there are massive rocks on the hillside, the edge of a moor.

04-14-2017, 10:26 AM
Your work is always a pleasure to see! Love each one of these.

04-14-2017, 01:20 PM

THIS one. I likey :)

04-16-2017, 01:16 PM
thanks EP :)

sketching out on a cold grey april day - Easter Sunday


Groby Pool, a flooded slate quarry today, a cold, grey April Easter Sunday, out sketching with a friend



snowdrops in Swithland Woods nearby, the bluebells will be out by next week I think

not great but the first plein airs of the year in a concertina sketchbook that I thought I'd use for local views

04-16-2017, 10:50 PM
Love the sense of texture in your work :)

04-17-2017, 02:22 AM
Thanks :)

Catching the textures is part of what interests me - and of course the light, though with the cold grey sky it was a flat light. And cold!!!! I must be mad

04-18-2017, 07:04 AM

and finished I think - not a sketch but work done during this time - and from sketches done plein air. From several sketches combined to make a new composition. 24 inch square, deep sided canvas, so no framing costs :)

Joan T
04-20-2017, 05:51 PM
Oh, this last piece is awesome!!! Great textures and an amazing sky!

04-25-2017, 05:42 PM
Thanks Joan :)

Tonight while teaching, I did this one purely from memory - I'd been working from sketches done plein air doing an oil paintng of the views along this coast road - so a lot was in my head

I wanted to test out a short, chunky, dark Woody watersoluble pencil I'd bought.

I used it along with a Derwent watersoluble graphite pencil and a few marks from a mechanical pencil. I really like it


04-25-2017, 08:35 PM
Wheee! Both to the piece Joan commented on (the latest colour piece) and to this stunning b&w :)

04-26-2017, 05:25 AM
thanks EP :)

04-28-2017, 10:05 AM
Another 24 inch canvas in progress - detail about 12 inch tall


from sketchbook plein air work done sitting on the side of the moor there

The sky and sea were intensely blue, echoed by bluebells

04-29-2017, 03:55 AM
and I put that detail into the etchings app


and the whole image (not quite finished yet)


and greyscale - less drama


04-29-2017, 11:43 AM
Oh that effect from the etchings app gives a stunning result!!

04-29-2017, 01:46 PM
yes I like that app EP :)

04-29-2017, 01:50 PM


An afternoon drawing the model - but tired and hurting (arthritis) and not in the zone

In the first I was trying out putting some gauze in a small jar and covering with ink - so it doesn't leak when travelling or spill when you are working. I used some old Indian Ink that I've had for years and years. I'm not keen on the harsh black and prefer acrylic inks or watersoluble ones - so I didn't mind wating it if I didn't like working this way. A3 size

So first one is drawn with twigs and Indian ink and washes, second is a mix of ink, chunky water soluble graphite, a touch of red watercolour and blue oil pastel

All practice even if not great drawings

04-29-2017, 02:35 PM
So first one is drawn with twigs and Indian ink and washes, second is a mix of ink, chunky water soluble graphite, a touch of red watercolour and blue oil pastel

And here I was thinking charcoal.

Great work, great practice. I hope you feel better soon.

05-02-2017, 12:23 PM
Thanks EP :) tho' controlling pain is the best I can do

I bought a 9x12 inch tan Strathmore book to try out. I don't like the thinness of the paper, wish it was better quality and heavier.

This is one done to test out how things work on it, so I used sketches of the moorland road from a slightly different viewpoint and created different weather.


I kept the washes pretty dry (an aubergine graphitint) so the paper wouldn't buckle. Indian ink, Polychromos cps. white acrylic ink, a black gel pen and that one graphitint with a wash. It grips fairly well with these.

I want to try pastels next to see how it would work for me. Not sure how many layers it will hold? anyone a fan?

05-02-2017, 08:44 PM
I bought a 9x12 inch tan Strathmore book to try out. I don't like the thinness of the paper, wish it was better quality and heavier.... I want to try pastels next to see how it would work for me. Not sure how many layers it will hold? anyone a fan?

I have one of those books and it's "for dry media only" as far as I'm concerned :(

05-03-2017, 05:03 AM
Interesting EP. I wish S&B would do one with decent heavy paper that's toned

05-03-2017, 10:21 AM
Interesting EP. I wish S&B would do one with decent heavy paper that's toned
Me too. Is there some way of making suggestions to S&B?

05-03-2017, 11:06 AM
Yes, I've repeatedly asked for a much larger sketchbook - twice the size of their largest. :) maybe add this to the wishe list! The owner, Michael does follow posts here that mention Stillman and Birn. I really like the quality of their books.

05-03-2017, 08:12 PM
I really like the quality of their books.

Me too!! :)

Joan T
05-04-2017, 02:54 PM
Love the sketches of the landscape and the model.

Hint, hint, Michael, people would love larger Stillman & Birn books and toned paper too.

05-06-2017, 11:30 AM

an update - altered the colours a little and brought in some approaching rain :)

Joan T
05-12-2017, 08:25 PM
I like your alterations!!!

05-13-2017, 02:19 AM
thanks Joan :)