View Full Version : Beaky Ballet (2) Prima Ballerina

chammi kaiser
03-05-2017, 07:20 AM

This is the second watercolour painting of my favourite Bird - the Flamingo. It is 30 x 21 cm. Thanks for looking.

Vivien Maloney
03-05-2017, 12:19 PM
Hi Chammi - how are you? Love your "beaky" Flamingo and his/her feathers do look just likea ballerina's dress! So beautiful!

03-05-2017, 10:49 PM
Lovely color combination. Your background is cool. The salt texture is very appropriate too.

chammi kaiser
03-06-2017, 02:25 AM
Thank you very much Viv and Christel. I appreciate the positive feedback. Christel, I am glad you like the bg. It is a challenge with the various layers but I enjoyed doing it.

03-06-2017, 02:51 AM
Lovely! I really like the delicacy of the flamingo against the abstract background. Lovely detail around the eye and I like the salt effect too. :)

03-06-2017, 04:22 AM
Hehehe, is so pinky :).. it does really resemble the ballerina tuhtuh ..

03-06-2017, 08:37 AM
Full of character, Chammi. I love his eye and beak, and the blues.

03-06-2017, 08:38 AM
Full of character, Chammi. I love her eye and beak, and the blues. She does look as though she's wearing a tu-tu! 😁

03-06-2017, 11:16 AM
Looks great Chammi:cat:

chammi kaiser
03-07-2017, 08:47 AM
Thanks very much FG Glad to have put a smile on your face. Flamingo antics always put a smile on mine.:)

Penny. Many thanks for the positive feedback. I am pleased you felt the the colours turned out well. I was happy with this one.

Lisa. Always good to get your comment. Thanks.:wave:

03-07-2017, 11:00 PM
Excellent colours! Very nicely done.

chammi kaiser
03-08-2017, 01:12 AM
Thanks so much Jon. I appreciate the feedback.

03-10-2017, 02:02 AM
Lovely Chammi! I like the bg colour choice

Equus Art
03-11-2017, 10:19 AM
You have mastered these lovely, funny looking birds beautifully, Chammi. Your colors are lovely and I am in awe at good watercolor. Love it.


chammi kaiser
03-11-2017, 12:33 PM
Thank you so much Cat. Wow, you have made my day.:)

03-11-2017, 01:01 PM
This is lovely! The details of the bird's face contrast so nicely with the abstract background. It looks great!

03-11-2017, 03:11 PM
Lovely! Love the detail on her head- the pinks & blues are lovely together. Her eye is fantastic! The background is also very interesting- I like the "special effects" with the salt. (I've tried using salt a few times, but it never looks very good.)

chammi kaiser
03-12-2017, 04:46 AM
Thank you very much Robbie, Jenna and Pat for the encouraging comments.

Pat - using the salt is just a matter of getting the 'wetness' of the paint on the paper just right - too wet and it just spreads all over the show - too dry - no result. It is best to put the watercolour on with more pigment and less water - let it dry very slightly and then sprinkle on the salt.