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White Pen
03-04-2017, 07:04 PM

finished & delivery this week to a fellow Artist , a young female Photographer .


looks now this


List :

Cage done 2x3x0.40 m in glued beechwood posts 8x4 cm.

Reused 50 y. old barn material 18x18 cm manly Styrian spruce & pine bit of different mixed local leaf trees.

Cut to 1+2+3 cm thick boards and plane .
Used a Festool Rustofix 180 (heavy brush )to roughen the surface than sanding .. .

Then cut short planks in different sizes in width and length , he the puzzle starts...:eek:

Build in 19 mm ,3 layer board spruce , 3 x drawers 1 x 0,90 0,30 m ; the top board is to flip up for spear room .

Oiled with Osmo clearwax Basis natural veg. Oil + Wax
(Sunflower - Sojal, Thistle, Carnauba- Candelilla-Wachs, Paraffine, Sikkative und
Additive. (benzolfree). Smells good ..too.

Project successful finished . :)

Cheers W.P. ....up to new wood projects ....

03-05-2017, 02:09 PM
Nice work!!
Thanks for sharing.

10-27-2017, 10:56 AM
Very nice work and I like the old wood look!

I want that workshop!