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02-17-2017, 05:44 PM
I'm not usually attracted to Daler Rowney stuff (I stopped buying their stuff when I was about 13 years old). However, I was pleasantly surprised with their soft pastels. I know it's probably a matter of personal preference, and I was only using their pastels for life drawing, but I enjoyed using them.

I was going to give up on soft pastels because I didn't like the powdery quality of it and that to keep together you have to apply fixative. This is what lead me to oil pastels.

However, these soft pastels surprised me as they were very smooth. I wouldn't say they are exactly half a soft pastel, and half an oil pastel, but they are closer to that end of the spectrum. They are not as gritty, hold together better and I much preferred drawing with them to Faber Castell's soft pastels. Last night as I was drawing with them, I thought of the word 'velvety', and this is actually how they're described on their website as well.

I really like Faber Castell as a company, but I just think these other pastels were better suited to me.

Does anyone else know of the smoothness I'm talking about and could recommend more like it?

02-17-2017, 09:38 PM
Generally speaking, the softer the pastel, the smoother the application. If the Faber Castell pastels you are referring to are the Polychromos - then the much softer Daler Rowney pastels will be very different. Polychromos are one of the "hard" soft pastels!

Dakota pastels has a list of brands on their site listed by softness - although many of the brands are very close - and not all brands are completely uniform in softness. Here's a link:


I notice in the brief description, they say: "Soft and creamy Less tendency to break and dust"

So, maybe you've chosen the brand that will work best for you!


02-25-2017, 02:12 AM
Has anyone had experience with pan pastels? They don't give off as much dust but are there other advantages to the pan pastels that I am not aware of? Thanks