View Full Version : DC3 painting for sale for a good cause

Ashley Peck
02-11-2017, 10:16 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have been interested in aviation for as long as I can remember and recently discovered that I also enjoy painting!

I am currently raising money for a colleague of mine whose dad is unable to return home from hospital after an operation sadly went wrong.

I am still a long way from where I want to be with my pictures (especially when I see how good some of the work on here is!) but friends and family have been so kind and a couple suggested trying to auction a picture and helping towards this good cause so here we are!!

Anyway, if you could spare a moment to have a look at the link I would be eternally grateful. If you would mind sharing it on any sort of social media, that would be amazing!

Thanks for your time




02-11-2017, 12:14 PM
Thats a lovely painting and it would be great to see more work .I wish you luck with this ,you could also try E Hangar http://ehangar.com/forum

Ashley Peck
02-11-2017, 03:58 PM
Thanks Trumper, very kind of you to say. I've never heard of ehanger so will check it out again now.

I feel like Wet canvas is going to help me 'up my game' when it comes to painting :)