View Full Version : Real Sunset

07-09-2001, 09:34 AM
The best I have seen in a month.

07-09-2001, 10:34 AM
Very nice photo Sassybird I think I'll try to paint it in acrylics ok?

07-09-2001, 03:31 PM

You are more than welcome to use the photo. In fact I have probably 70 reference photo's on my web site that any artist is welcomed to use. Just let me know which one so I can keep track. My addy is http://communities.msn.com/PaintingtotheEdge&naventryid=100 Check it out , and leave a message for me on my message board to let me know what you think.

07-09-2001, 05:45 PM
Doc is right. That cloud formation is definitely a code which translates to "Paint me - NOW"

07-09-2001, 11:06 PM
A beautiful sunset - wonderful colors, sassybird. I like the way you gave us the silhouette of the landscape across the bottom.

What kind of camera/lens did you use? Did you use a tripod?

07-10-2001, 02:53 AM
I have an Olympus Camedia 2.1 megapixels. This is the best little digital camera I could buy. If you like this pic then check out Moon Rising. It was taken at night with the same camera.