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12-24-2016, 01:44 PM
Hey folks- just discovered a fantastic program called Rebelle- it's main strength is it's water color algorithms- I don't know if the program has been discussed before, but if not- it's well worth checking out- You can play around with it in your browser to see if it's something you'd like or not- here's the link: http://www.escapemotions.com/experiments/rebelle/index.php

Note the 'dry' button on lower right- use it often or turn off dripping if you want more control of the 'paint spread' - this program is cool i n that you can watch the paint spreading AND mixing with other colors in a fairly realistic way- I've been trying the demo and so far really really like what I'm seeing- Here's a quick watercolor I did mostly in Rebelle, with a few finishing touches in gimp (I had to draw the straight lines of grill and lights with gimp 'click holding shift' method) etc- not quite done yet- buy just wanted to show folks what hte program is capable of- (I had to take a snapshot of the painting as i couldn't save with the demo- so image quality isn't the gretest-

If anyone has any suggestions regarding color- please leave a critique- I'm not very good at colors


12-27-2016, 10:48 AM
Nice work.

12-27-2016, 07:03 PM
The colors look great Nazareth!

12-28-2016, 03:12 AM
Thanks Folks-

12-30-2016, 07:38 PM
Great work! Rebelle is a great program especially for water color. I don't think there is anything out there that can match it.

01-02-2017, 01:06 AM
Thanks Barb- I'm not real good at watercolor- either real or digital- like the grillwork makes it look more l iek acrylic or oil- the shadow of car looks like impasto- and even hte fender looks liek chalk almost-

02-27-2017, 04:48 PM
that's beautiful!

03-01-2017, 01:36 PM
Thanks for the post I am always looking for programs that can create true watercolor looks on the computer but have trouble finding good alternatives. I'll take a look at this. Adobe sketch has some nice features I've been playing with as well as Auryn Ink on the ipad. I like what you have done and look forward to seeing more of your digital watercolor pieces on here.