View Full Version : Attention: Photographers

07-08-2001, 09:27 PM

i'm starting a project for the "figure forum" folks (unnessescery alliteration there, sorry) and had a question: those of you that photograph or have photos of nude bodies, male or female, would you be willing to donate some to the cause?

i'm starting a website that's password protected (only wet canvasers can get in) where i'll post nudes, used as reference for artists needing them. the difference between this and books with the same purpose: i'll eventually do custom poses. that is, if anyone needs some done. all for free.

so, if you can help, please do! you can blur the faces if you want to protect anyone's privacy.

several figure forum posters say this is going to be a great idea, and a big help. i'd appreciate if you could donate some pics to us.

thanks so much!!