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12-08-2016, 06:34 PM
My way of staying sane through the crazy season.

Bought a new Journal Yesterday. Have been using a Stillman and Birn ZETA for watercolours and was going to try out the Epsilon. But once I start online shopping, it's like a black hole.
No, Sarah, you don't need another 6 journals 'JUST IN CASE'.

So I took myself to Officeworks before my Dr's appointment to buy a cheapie.

$7.98 for this Quill A5 journal. It's not bad, it fits my purpose well for sketching on the go.

It does however show through on the next page.
I've just been using a UNiball eye ink rollerball pen which is more inky than a normal rollerball but less than a fountain pen.

Ok Onto the pictures.
Waiting at the hospital for my appointment.
25 minutes
First time doing observational sketching scenes in real life (other than nude models)

33 Minutes
Just before starting work. Starring my best friend, the office printer.
This one was hard to get the perspective right as there are a lot of slants in the roof (our office is in the attic space). I'm not fantastic at perspective in the first place but i guess this is a good way to practice. Any pointers?

12-09-2016, 10:27 AM
Cool works!

Joan T
12-09-2016, 06:00 PM
Good sketches of the doctor's office and your work space!

12-15-2016, 09:26 AM
good sketches :)

I prefer the beta and delta for watercolour and the zeta for ink

and yes you really do need 6 'in case' :D

12-16-2016, 04:32 PM
Great sketches from observation. I don't see any major problems in your perspective, interior spaces receding like that look perfectly natural to me. Observational perspective is good practice! What I do sometimes is hold up a pencil to see the apparent angle of the ceiling or floor and get those lines in, then start working from there. You've got good proportions on everything!

I don't bother getting cheap journals any more, too attached to my Stillman & Birn ones. But they don't do a pocket size. I try to get heavy paper though, otherwise bleed through gets frustrating and I can't add watercolor after the pen work.