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Nomad Z
11-10-2016, 06:33 PM
Been making a few fairly easy painting accessories during the last few days. Here they are...

First, a larger palette. I've been finding that the large palette I already had wasn't big enough sometimes - I was often running out of mixing space. So I traced around the hand areas and the curve at the bottom, and expanded the rest.


Here it is with a brush and tube of paint for scale...


The brush is about 12" long. The palette is about 22" x 16". It's made of 5.5mm hardwood-faced plywood. Note the shaping at the bottom-left to make room for my arm.

Next, a mahl stick...


Lightweight hardwood dowel about 2'3" long, 15mm diameter. Note the little notch cut around one end - this helps to stop the chamois from getting pulled off, which means the size of the chamois circle and position of the binding string has to work with the position of the notch (which a pull test tells me it does). There's some cotton wool inside.

And, a proportional divider...


About 8" long, 15x5mm profile. Just a couple of bits of beech cut from scrap, bit of drilling and shaping, linseed oil, and add a screw and wing nut. The accuracy isn't as good as it could be. I did some calculations for hole positions to give me set scales for the length, but the length came out a bit shorter than intended, so the scaling is out. Not to worry, it's not meant to be a precision drafting tool, but something to use outdoors to help with my somewhat sloppy drawing (so precise scale from an arbitrary visual size and framing of the real subject isn't critical - its purpose is to help keep the scale consistent).

Materials cost for all three gadgets was comfortably under 5. quite a bit more than that in terms of time, but I had fun making them.

11-10-2016, 09:02 PM
Nicely done!

11-23-2016, 08:41 PM
I'm an oil painter and I can appreciate your wooden palette caliper and steady stick. Very nice workmanship