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11-04-2016, 11:51 AM
Well...no excuses now! I gave up my morning beverage stop on the way to work and decided to use that money for art stuff :-). Mind you....I didn't NEED anything new, I have plenty that needs to be used up. Hahaha.

Anyway...I decided I love the strathmore visual journal...I bought a small watercolor one at my local art store, but they didn't carry a very good variety so on Amazon I found them in Bristol smooth...OMG! I am sooo excited to use it. I have always used Bristol smooth for my graphite, however the paper in these visual journals are MUCH smoother And thicker than the paper I have been using the last 10 years.

As far as the watercolor journals.. I'm excited to see where I go with those. I am soo new to watercolors...been collecting supplies for years without using them much. I'm hoping to find my groove and style on my journey through the pages.

I don't even know why I threw the pens in the mix. I have never used ink for my art...so we shall see where they lead me as well. :-).

The tan journal I have actually had stored for a long time and never used a single page yet...was on sale for a great price and I couldn't pass it up at the time.

So with this thread and my new supplies I hope to loose myself...every chance I get. :-)

I hope to free up my hang ups and fears and "just DO it!!".

I thought about investing in some quality watercolor paper...but I thought...noo...until I become more confident that nice expensive paper would sit unused for eternity, because I would be afraid of " wasting" it.

Oh...and for those who always ask about the cover of the visual journal...the top cover tears off very easily and the actual journal covers are a very stout cardboard.

Well off to start my journey through the pages! See you all soon!




11-04-2016, 04:10 PM
Welcome! I, too, love those Visual Journals by Strathmore. Hurry and post your work soon :)

11-04-2016, 07:22 PM
With Christmas just around the corner...and the "cheap watercolor challenge" a gift idea came to me for my nieces.

I have been experimenting with my new pentel water brush....which I totally love...and these 3 journal entries are done with my prang student watercolor set and the water brush in the strathmore watercolor visual journal.

Sooo as I was goofing around with my colossal fail of a pig sketch (which I "braved up" and shared here)...hahahaha! This idea came to me!

I am thinking of purchasing my 3 nieces each a water brush, prang watercolors and a visual watercolor journal...and this journal I am going to fill up using just these items to show them examples of what I did with the same gift I gave them :-).

The good AND the bad! Hahaha!

Soo...this journal journey is going to be my prang and waterbrush journal.

Happy journaling everyone!





11-06-2016, 05:11 PM
So I thought I would try to draw the m&m's wrapper and this is what it ended up turning into. This idea is something I may revisit in the future. For now however it's another step in my journal project for my neices. :-)

Prang student watercolors, Pentel waterbrush, strathmore watercolor visual journal. (5.5 x 8)



11-06-2016, 09:27 PM
Woo hoo! M&Ms :)

11-08-2016, 12:51 PM
Well...today I didn't really have a plan...as you can see... but I thought I would practice "hill trees" and distant hills...the top left...roflololol! I almost tore the page out...but told myself....noo...persevere!

So I continued on and actually see a little improvement.

Mind you...i am using Prang student watercolors (8 color set) with a medium size Pentel waterbrush in the strathmore watercolor visual journal.

The reason is so when I gift my nieces with the same tools for their Christmas gift this year, they can look through this journal and see examples if what I did with the same tools.

I'm no watercolorist either so I'm learning stuff as I go as well.

Input is always welcome.

Thanks for looking!


11-08-2016, 02:22 PM

The reason is so when I gift my nieces with the same tools for their Christmas gift this year, they can look through this journal and see examples if what I did with the same tools.

I like your approach and reasoning here :)

Though, depending on the age and topics of interest to your nieces you may see artwork depicting cats or fairy princesses or vampires .... :)

Joan T
11-13-2016, 06:33 PM
I love your idea of giving the art materials to your nieces for Christmas and showing them what you did with the same materials. For Prang paints you are getting some nice results. I like the landscapes with the trees!

You have quite a selection of sketchbooks to start using...and some good materials. Glad to see you are using them.

01-02-2017, 03:29 PM
Agree with what Joan said. These are great sketches for the materials you are using. My one suggestion would be to branch out and give your nieces greater quality art supplies than Prang or Crayola brands. I feel that good quality art supplies can get kids interested in art, but poor quality art supplies can put kids off from doing art, even if they have talent.