View Full Version : Celtic mandala

07-08-2001, 12:59 PM
Here's a celtic mandala I finished last month... My best yet, I think.
Anyone else here draw these?

Hope I used the right board...

07-09-2001, 08:55 AM
Oh, I just love all things Celtic!
Did you design this yourself? Very Celtic looking, indeed. :)

07-09-2001, 10:23 AM
Yep - my design. I do quite a few.
I'm thinking of making a website for them...
I also play celtic music on the Penny Whislte and Bagpipe chanter. I'm learning harmonica, and want to try Bodhran.
And I'd put recordings of me on the penny whistle on the site.

I'll tell you when (if) I get the site up.


07-10-2001, 08:44 AM
Cool, I'd love to see it (the site) when your finished with it.
Heh, I have a harmonica - some little cheap one that I got a while back when I had visions of becoming a fantastic harmonica player...it's now in the corner with the guitar..... heehee :D :)

08-05-2001, 10:21 AM
Coupla things- first- why the nude thingy? No worries on this one, I would think- It's beautiful and captures the "goddess "look of the ancient Celt religions. I'd love to se more-
I too love Celtic music, there's a show on NPR (Public Radio- the something and whistle, or some very Celtic name. Here in NY it's on Sunday afternoons- in fact I have to be sure to catch it today.
Meanwhile- I just have to say it is always a pleasure to see any of your posts, because if that silly silly pic, and "hip hip hooray, I've got two hips"
You are not only talented, but pretty funny. That's the best!