View Full Version : Working with Rounded pastels really does a number on my fingers..

10-26-2016, 08:53 PM
So I was wondering how I could hold a piece of Pastel for long periods of time without having my fingers ache so bad??!! Well on a trip to my local C.C.Lowell's and it hits me!!!!! I just needed them to have pencil Extender's and they did. I usually work on smaller pieces so getting details is sometimes quite a chore! Sometimes I'm not able to hold my position and make mark's correctly and now 100 times better and way more accurate.
Another thing I noticed was that I could then judge where the edge was a lot easier as well.
Yes you have to break up a couple small pieces and then wrap some thin masking tape around the bottom where the pencil Extender closes on the Pastel if you don't do this the Pastel almost always breaks up to even smaller,unusible pieces so care must taken but I'm a much more confident mark-maker thus making my painting experience more enjoyable and more proficient!
Just thought I'd share my experience and results since it was a positive experience.
Thank you for reading.http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/26-Oct-2016/1190917-KIMG0029.JPG
The reason I taped the shafts was because the metal was very slippery especially when you're fingers are covered in pastel dust so this helped a bit too.
Hopefully at least one person will benefit from this as I have?!

Donna T
10-27-2016, 11:34 AM
That's a good solution for aching fingers, Jason! Anything that helps is worth a try.

10-29-2016, 07:29 PM
Cool idea! I have some pencil extenders and some pastel extenders I got for use with oil pastels - they'd work out all right with some of the round dry pastels too. If a longer tool gives better control that's awesome!

I use pastel pencils often because of that control factor, it really helps. Some brands the pastel pencil and hard pastels seem to be the same thing, one without the wood casing. Good tip about the tape vs. the clutch on the pencil extender wearing through the sticks. Those look like hard pastel sticks, ones like Cretacolor Pastels Carre' or Nupastel rather than the round ones like Rembrandt.

I've also got a big clutch holder from a set of Cretacolor drawing leads, some of which are sort of like skinny round Conte Crayons.

Moqui Steps
10-30-2016, 01:57 PM
I tend to use the sticks on their sides at least as much as straight on like a pencil. I don't like round pastels. They are harder to hold onto as you have found plus more difficult to use on their sides. You have to sand them down to get them to work how I want and that wastes a BUNCH of pastel.

I much prefer square shaped sticks and wish that ALL of the brands I use were available in a square format.