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10-02-2016, 07:14 AM
I have started to collect large sheets of paper when ever I come across a good sale. I have plenty of storage for pads of pastel paper but not for large sheets. I'm wondering how everyone stores their papers. Any DIY solutions?

10-02-2016, 11:34 AM
I'm very lucky...I have a custom built art cupboard with space for storing canvases and pads and a long narrow height shelf for paper to lie flat....as well as using the cardboard that the paper is sent in, to store underneath the computer desk, also in the cupboard! Just use a long stick to stop them falling forward, very Heath Robinsonish! :)


Moqui Steps
10-02-2016, 11:48 AM
I found a set of flat files on craig's list for a great price. It has been one of the best art related purchases I have made. I also got a really large one for FREE from a company that was cleaning out their old drafting room. It had some mice living in it :eek: - needed to be repainted, but it cleaned up nicely other than the cloth liners which I don't use anyway.

They aren't out there as often as some years ago, but as those who once used them transition to digital only, they often sell off their old school stuff.

SAS Designs
10-02-2016, 05:08 PM
I make a large "file" by taking heavy cardboard, the ones Dick Blick uses to send large paper, for example. Depending upon how many papers I want to keep flat in each one, determines the width of the "edges" I make to go around the 2 large pieces of cardboard. Then, duck tape the 3 "edge" pieces to one of the large pieces of cardboard, and then do the same with the other large piece.

Use an awl to make a 2 holes on the top of each large piece, raffia or strong ribbon as a handle. Voila, a large file to hold papers flat. I separate each piece with either Tracing paper, or the kind of parchment paper used in cooking.

10-03-2016, 05:08 PM
I built myself some flat files (about 3' high with 7 drawers)

If you have the space, a flat file is invaluable. You may well be able to get an old used one from an architecture firm or office supply store that sells on consignment

10-03-2016, 07:08 PM
Maybe you can ask the art stores you purchase the paper from if they have an empty box that the paper came in. I was lucky to get my watercolor paper order from Currys delivered in a box with a lid. I now store all my large pieces of paper in the box. The box sits on a shelf in my storage room, protected from light, bugs and dirty fingers.:angel: