View Full Version : Water over rocks

09-22-2016, 11:21 AM
This follows a reoccurring theme in my work. I've always loved painting rocks, and I've been fascinated with how water flows over it: waterfalls, streams, etc. Also, I've always tried to infuse bits of color to liven things up, and I think this one really does it!
BUT OF COURSE..... please feel free to share you insights, Critiques and criticisms.
I did this in Artrage, mostly with sticker Spray art brushes. and a little pastel. I used several layers, with some shadow on a multiply layer. My hope was to keep it a bit abstract, yet realistic at the same time.

09-22-2016, 01:03 PM
Beautifully done Elaine, though I'm not sure about some of those dry pastel strokes.


09-22-2016, 03:10 PM
Well done and those rock colors are great...


09-22-2016, 08:26 PM
Very good job. I do agree with Yorky abiout some of the harsher pastel marks. It makes it look unfinished in those places, but the rest of it is great.


L Skylar Brown
09-23-2016, 09:43 AM
I have that same fascination. It is such a challenge, and then reward, to paint water & stones.

09-23-2016, 10:10 AM
Nicely done.