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09-17-2016, 11:51 PM
Hi friends,
I have a Mabef M-27 easel (see below) that I bought specifically for plein air work with my pastels. I have a Dakota small traveler and I can't for the life of me figure out the most efficient way of securing my box to the easel arms.

The easel is not the most sturdy of easels and I'm so scared that my box is going to fall off the arms that I've temporarily given up plein air pastels until I've figured out a solution. Does anyone have any ideas? I've heard of people bungee-ing their boxes to the arms but I actually have no idea how that would work while still being able to reach for all the pastels I need.

Any tips or ideas from veteran pastelists would be SO helpful! Thank you!!http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/17-Sep-2016/1980656-Screen_Shot_2016-09-17_at_7.45.12_PM_copy.jpg

09-18-2016, 01:17 AM
I have 2 of these easels. The 2 pieces of wood that are screwed to the easel above the arms that are sticking out need to be flipped from what you see in this photo. Once you do that the box will be secured under the lip that those pieces make once flipped. I hope that makes sense. They do hold the box in place, but when I use it I don't walk away from the easel. I worry about the wind or another person accidentally knocking it over.

I just found this video that shows two brass brackets for holding the pastel box. I don't have these, I just flipped the wood pieces, but maybe you can call Dakota and purchase them, it seems to be an easy fix to your problem. I can't tell by the photo if just flipping those two wood pieces will work. Not sure if they are made like mine are.

Here's the link, the video is towards the bottom of the page. You will have to click on that link to see the video:


Moqui Steps
09-18-2016, 03:41 AM
I prefer to have my main box of pastels on a separate more study tripod similar to this, with a smaller box or tray holding just the pastels I am using at the moment on my easel.

Pastel Box on Tripod

09-18-2016, 01:16 PM
Donald - that's a good idea - I hadn't thought of using a separate tripod with a tray. I'll have to see if I can configure a tray to fit on top... that would be a much sturdier alternative than using the arms on the easel.

Chris - How did I not know that I'm supposed to use the little wooden pieces to lip on to the top of the box?! As you probably know, the instructions that come with this easel are scant and I referred to the Amazon pic for what it was supposed to look like at the end. I have no idea what I thought those wooden lip pieces were for, and I clearly lacked some creativity as to their use.

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain your method - I watched the video and I'll check with Dakota Pastels to see if they sell those brass things as they look even better than the wooden pieces that come with the easel.

Moqui Steps
09-18-2016, 11:17 PM
Welcome. Guerilla Painter makes a tripod mounting plate you can attach to a pastel box or just a board to hold your pastel box, or you can make one fairly easily if you have some tools to cut metal plate, drill it and tap it.