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08-29-2016, 05:38 AM
I am making home made oil pastels. I made two, a white and a sienna. The sticks work well enough I am encouraged to make more and test different fillers.

Now From the Oil Painters I need some advice:

What I need to know is what pigments? I want to buy a basic white and 3 or 4 primaries that I can mix together and/or add white to make tints and hues. A black is also handy.

The First List: Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Prussian Blue, Venetian Red or any of the earth colors. For Instance perhaps Vermillion or Naples Yellow or Indigo Blue would be better. Anyone have experience mixing primaries probably knows what mixes and what doesn't.

The Second List: Titanium White, Yellow PY 128, Red PV19, Blue PB15. I found pigments in that range as Han Yellow, Thalo Blue and Rose Magenta.

The home made Oil Pastels are still experimental and untested so I don't want to get too many pigments that may not be used but I do want enough to expand and experiment. A basic set of primaries that mixes into the color wheel of tints and hues, is that possible?

I thought Flake White, Red, Yellow lead but that doesn't mix with copper. Those are nice primaries and easy to use. The question is, does Titanium play well with other minerals such as cobalt?
Any suggestions or comments welcome.

09-01-2016, 01:44 AM
This sounds interesting. Titanium oxide is inert and will not react chemically to the other elements. it should lighten any color with ease. I'd like to hear what recipe you used.

09-01-2016, 02:02 AM

Thanks for answering! I just read some of the threads on the oil painting forum. Color is a complicated subject.

I want more control over my palette. None of my sets has a blue grey, for instance and oil pastels don't blend that well. I would like to mix the color I want, make the stick and use it.

I am using the standard bees wax and mineral oil formula. The recipe I had was too soft for my taste, half wax, half oil so I adjusted that to my taste. That is a good starting point.

It seems to need a binder. I have considered chalk or talcum. Damar resin is also mentioned on some sites where people are experimenting but I am going to try other fillers/binders first as I don't know anything about resins.

09-02-2016, 01:05 AM
Looking forward to hearing more