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08-11-2016, 05:46 PM
Welcome to the Woodcraft forum! We hope you will enjoy your time spent with us. If you are new here, please be sure you read and understand the User Agreement (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/rules.php) so that you are familiar with the rules of conduct here at Wet Canvas. In addition to those rules, you will be expected to adhere to the following posting guidelines.


1. This is a woodcraft forum so wood is to be a medium used in the creation of your work. The following projects are acceptable in this forum:

1. Furniture projects
2. Boxes or other small items
3. Wood carving
4. Wooden toys
5. Hand made woodworking tools
6. Woodworking accessories such as bandings, paterae and inlays
7. Model ships made of wood
8. Woodturning

NOTE: There may other forums where your work can be shown such as sculpture for woodcarvings. Feel free to Xpost if appropriate.


2 Please post your images to WC rather than a 3rd party site. This is for several reasons, first of all, images can contain viruses so members may not want to click on such a link. Secondly, 3rd party sites may change the location of the image rendering the thread here worthless as no images will show. Lastly 3rd party sites may allow huge images. It is better to host a smaller overall image here (800 pixels per side) and then upload closeups as necessary. Members often wish to view the entire project on a single screen without scrolling.


3 When posting images, please let us know what woods are used, size if indicated and general information about the project you are sharing. These questions are bound to be asked so it's easier to mention them in the beginning.


4 We have a chat room called "Woodchips" where you can meet other members, introduce yourself and chat.

If you have any questions about posting guidelines please check with a moderator or a guide.