View Full Version : (old) pastel workshop by Dianna Ponting at WC

07-28-2016, 08:17 AM
I admit WC is too large for me to be familiar with all the parts and different boards. When I look for pastel, I head to the Pastel board.
I found this workshop by accident the other day, because it is in Drawing and Sketching board.
Basic 102: Class 12---Pastel with Ponting

Maybe some of the newbies like me will find the link useful. Dianna's workshop is amazingly detailed and her work is fantastic.

07-29-2016, 04:32 PM
Thanks for sharing. That was fun to read through and it's always interesting to see how different people approach a painting.

07-31-2016, 08:25 PM
I agree...Dianna Is very generous with her time and talent...and attending her actual workshops was a very special treat for me when she visited the UK...she's such a sweetheart!:heart:

water girl
08-04-2016, 06:47 PM
Nick, thank you for posting that thread. Dianna is a very special lady, aside from being very talented. Without going into detail, she had a profound influence on my art and I'm forever grateful.

08-06-2016, 05:27 PM
Karen, I couldn't not notice that you work is similar but I would never dare to guess who was influenced by whom. You are so talented and I am sure hard-working and your art is exceptional.

water girl
08-07-2016, 12:17 AM
Thank you, Nick! For years I listened to others critique my work, both oils and pastels. "More strokes! Loosen up! etc, etc." My first drawing teacher was a photorealist, and I had been drawn to the challenge. Over time, I let others dictate how I worked. Back in 2005 or 2006, I took Dianna's workshop. She encouraged me to paint the way that made me happy, not others. Wow! Permission to paint the way that made me happy??? What a novel concept. I will be forever grateful for her words of encouragement. She changed the way I looked at my art. And....I'm happy! :clap: :clap: :clap:

08-07-2016, 07:47 PM
:) I can certainly understand that because I am still looking for my own style and learning from others. Finding the balance between that can be a challenge in itself!