View Full Version : A little student etching

Jeffro Jones
07-01-2016, 04:09 PM
This post is about one of my student etchings that I recently came across. Seeing as I have posted some advice here, I thought I better post a print, so people can judge whether (or not) they should take me seriously :)

The print is a copy (sort of) of a small section of an engraving by the great William Hogarth, I think the print is from a series illustrating a satirical poem by Samuel Butler, "The Adventures of Hudibras". Anyway, I liked the bear, that appears in the bottom right of the print.
This is copper plate bitten with Dutch Mordant and printed on a 120gsm archival stock.

Student copy:


A detail:


I recollect being a little disappointed, I felt the result was cold. I'm inclined to be a bit kinder to myself now, the weight of the bear seems to come across better than I remembered. There's a little soft ground going on there, and a French Curve and ruler too :)

This is a section of the original. Notice the clarity, the aerial perspective, the relative contrast of foreground and background figures. Beautiful!!!