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Shirl Parker
12-31-2015, 11:45 PM
Hi everyone! Welcome to the Scumble, our monthly chat thread where we share the happenings of our everyday lives! I hope you will all chime in and look forward to hearing about them.


01-01-2016, 04:55 AM
Happy New Year everyone....may all our fellow Dusties be bless with Good Health, Enough Wealth and Lots of Happiness!

01-01-2016, 10:29 AM
Happy New Year! I've been mostly offline for a couple weeks now due to very busy relocating.

I'm here in lovely Arkansas which doesn't even look like winter. It flooded a bit and we got this pond in the driveway and other places got hit worse. Other than that, weather chilly but tolerable. Lots and lots of trees. The bare trees are a pale green because lichen grows on their branches, so that's very trippy and I'll need to capture it in a painting. The sky turns bizarre colors especially right before the storms.

I am surrounded by cats and critters. Very attractive chickens in the yard, fancy Black Marins and other cool breeds. They lay very dark eggs that have cadmium orange colored yolks, but taste better than normal eggs too. Kitten is feeding me up with great home cooked meals often involving eggs and organic meats, we get both beef and pork traded for horse shoeing so that's seriously awesome.

Ari has met Bumble Kitten Kyra and this morning they played together swatting and poking for the longest time. She stirs him up and gets him playing. I'm so glad they get along. China Princess doesn't like him but in a week we're moving into our house where China Princess doesn't live. It's more important that Ari gets along with the little wigglepuss who's coming to live with us. It's eerie, as if we picked her out specifically to be his cat friend, she really likes him and he likes her.

Armand the great big black cat gets on well with Ari. They wander around together often and are close to the same size, but Armand is taller. He'll fill out in a couple years since he's only three and is already enormous. Ari is also a big cat a little wider and quite shorter.

There's dogs that are reasonably well behaved and get kenneled when they make a ruckus. Horses. Goats. Ducks. Rabbits. The previously mentioned chickens.

I have wonderful views any direction I look from Kitten's house. Out at my own the views vary and are a bit less inspiring but it's quiet, spacious and very very private. I bought furniture for the place and curtains, bright teal insulated curtains should reduce my electric bill. I am just about broke again but for food money because of deposits getting everything turned on, but on Monday everything will be turned on.

Rose Cottage, I'm calling it that because the owner's name is Rose and I'm pretentious. Might actually buy a rose bush for it though later on.

Kitten and Karl are already planning to build my permanent home on her property. We looked into a financed prefab that would have been excellent but we wouldn't be able to insulate it or put in the bathroom or do anything to it till it was paid up, so that was an exercise in pointlessness. Cheaper with us doing it and I trust Karl's construction work better than normal anyway, he's so perfectionist and good at finishing projects.

Chickens are much larger than I thought from the photos.

There are barn cats around too every time I go outside and they are very friendly. I'm having a good time here and cats look after me everywhere I go, so I'm having a slight health boost from all the fur and loving attention and my family's good food. I didn't realize I was lonely in San Francisco till I left - but that's what the elevator absence did to me, left me too shut in with no socializing outside my room. That got really frustrating and I'm glad it's over.

Food is back to being reasonable so I might not be broke anyway. Will find out at end of month, currently on budget but have spent my spending money on furniture and curtains and paint to make the $20 dresser into something unique and spectacular with ultramarine base, gold peacocks after Whistler and little crystal knobs. It'll be an artwork. Having lots of fun. Purring at everyone and will be painting and posting soon!

01-01-2016, 10:49 AM
Happy New Year! So glad to hear from you, Rob.....been wondering how you are acclimating to your new environment. Glad to hear things are going so well...

We had snow here for the first time on Tues.....just in time to finish out the year 2015. The worst part is the ice under the snow....tricky walking..

01-01-2016, 11:59 AM
Hi Robert, so glad you have finally found 'home' for you. I've read some of your posts, seen you also have some things that challenge you in life...and how you are able to cope with them better now. I hope it just gets better and better for you.

Blessings and Happy New Year. LynneDe

01-01-2016, 02:33 PM
Purr thanks, both of you! I'm having a good time. The other half of not being online much is getting used to a new computer. I bought an Asus Transformer on sale and it's a great little gadget that can be a tablet or a computer as I like. But I'm still Moving In, have to get it set up to pull my photos off my Kindle to process in Gimp and post them. Got myself a huge USB stick to act as a hard drive/transfer drive to move my old stuff into, but haven't even plugged in the old machine yet. Still installing everything I'm used to and getting sorted out. Need to find the cord to transfer from Kindle.

I've got 48 hours to do that but did today's art for the 30 in 30 challenge, so that's a start. Wish me luck on the finding cords thing and getting used to different Windows! This is just going from Win7 to Win8, have not downloaded 10 yet (if ever).

01-01-2016, 07:38 PM
Hi Robert,

Glad to hear you are settling. I have been regularly checking in to see if you were around and to find out how you were getting on. Sounds like it is a huge change from where you have been. I can't really comprehend such a big upheaval as I have only ever moved once and it was only 12 miles...

It will be interesting to see how the changes affect your art- colours, access to supplies and subject matter.

01-01-2016, 08:00 PM
Oh, I think it'll affect subject matter most of all. Every time I go outside I'm surrounded by beautiful landscapes and lots of interesting creatures. Kitten has beautiful roosters. The two Black Marin roosters are gorgeous, they have iridescent black tails and wings and stuff and coppery necks. They are a lot bigger than I thought from videos too. Plus all the access to horses.

This isn't the first time I've moved a long distance. It's one of the better ones though! For all that I've been offline a lot it's been actually comfortable and easy. They aren't letting me overdo things!

01-02-2016, 09:37 AM
Robert, I am SO happy for you, that you got moved, that Ari likes his new friend, and that you're near your daughter!

01-02-2016, 09:46 PM
Hi Rob: I'm so glad to hear you made it safely to Arkansas and are settling in. I checked each day for any word. Kitten's farm sounds wonderful with lots of new flora and fauna for you to paint. I look forward to seeing paintings. I'll bet it's beautiful there in the spring.

So, Ari is settling in with his new family members, too. That's good. I'm glad there was a minimum of adjustment.

Sounds like you have a lot to do. Check back in when you can.

Happy New Year!

01-03-2016, 09:28 PM
Change of plans! No rental house, instead I'm moving into Kitten's house with my bed and desk and dresser in a screened off nook in the living room. Less personal space but not cramped because also have all the public shared areas of the house until my house is built. We're looking at starting the project of my house a bit sooner too.

01-03-2016, 10:18 PM
Oh, it will be grand for you to be near Kitten and the family and all those animals...!

I hope it works out well for you, Robert. It is so wonderful when family works and helps one another.

Blessings, LynneDe

water girl
01-04-2016, 02:13 PM
I'm very happy to hear that you have settled in. That is quite a big disruption. It sounds like there is much more inspiration for you paintings. I wish you good health the New Year!

01-08-2016, 02:57 AM
Hi All - been awhile since I've posted here. Similar to Robert I've been otherwise involved with non art activities. I began aquatic physical therapy a couple weeks before Christmas, and will continue through the first week of March. My legs are stronger already, and my balance is very slowly improving too. I'll post the one seascape I did in the gallery later.

Robert I'm thrilled for you. Having a loving family close by can be quite uplifting.

May the new year be prosperous and healthful for everyone.

01-23-2016, 09:07 AM
Wow! Sounds like the aquatic physical therapy's doing a lot of good. Glad it's helping. Yay for your seascape!

I've been happy living with them, having a cat in reach all the time indoors and outdoors has been a lot of fun too. The barn cats are super friendly. I cut down on smoking because while staying in her house I have to step outside to smoke. Not a bad thing. I don't want to quit but cutting back helps keep my balance with it.

I'm now actually, officially, losing my hair. She found a bald spot helping me shampoo yesterday, not large but it will grow no doubt. So I'm starting the home grown tonsure for my medievalist group, or maybe going to wind up looking like Leonardo da Vinci as I keep trying to draw like him. I'm not upset about it, more laughing that it's taken this long to happen. I still don't have much gray hair and was wondering when I'd look my age. I also think bald guys look cool and have shaved my head on purpose more than once, it really isn't a bad thing.

My hairline moved though! I noticed that on my new ID - my hairline moved up and that changed my facial proportions. I have a forehead. All my life I was used to not having much forehead and now I've got it, so this is interesting and I'll need to measure when I do a self portrait. I should do one while I still have hair, document the progress!

Ari has more than enough hair for both of us anyway.

Today is the Barbarian Brawl, a one day Society for Creative Anachronism event. I'm going with the whole family, packed some art supplies in a rather colorful bag I bought at the last event. It's probably a good thing I only drew $40 for pocket money though, since there may be vendors with cool stuff like pewter mugs and etc. etc. etc. stuff for garb and events. Spent about $60 at the last one though a good chunk of that was pitching in on a gift for my son in law, a spiffy dragon belt buckle.

I needed the bag though, and the pocket watch on a chain was only $15 so that was something I'd meant to get for some time.

It'll be fun. I like doing calligraphy and illumination, there's real interest and a market for it since the Society gives out a lot of awards and scrolls that get done by scribes doing our best to emulate period manuscripts. It's a side of my art that I haven't indulged for over a decade and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Got a border sketched out on a pad of good watercolor paper that needs to be inked and painted with gouache.

01-25-2016, 09:28 PM
Well Robert we have another art form in common: calligraphy! I taught it for years here until I became thoroughly bored with it. I too did illumination, with real gold foil too! However, there wasn't much market for such. Would you believe about 40 years ago I took fourteenth century French illumination from Abraham Lincoln at the Jewish Community Center in Dayton, Ohio? Abe is a shirttail cousin of the original Abe Lincoln. lol When we moved to the Seattle area I taught various types of hand calligraphy in several places around King County, and also did free lance work. I have no interest in returning to it now as I have slight arthritis in my first finger joint, and it gets pretty aggrivated with using a hard pen point on a hard surface. I work my pastels on a drawing board to which I glued close cell foam so there is lots of cushion for that finger. I hope you had a wonderful time at your fair. It sounds like fun.

01-25-2016, 09:54 PM
I had a great time at it. Wow! I'm impressed. I put some fake gold leaf on my next Blick order to have another go at learning but won't try real gold till I get it right with the imitation. That is so cool you learned it in such depth! Teacher's name is awesome too.

There actually is a market for good calligraphy and illumination in the Society for Creative Anachronism, something I'll add to my lineup once I get going on it again. Mostly that's for the really major awards where a bunch of their nominating friends will get together and pay a top scribe to do a gorgeous scroll for it. I want to get to that level of skill and do a couple of commissions with good materials. I like having something I can use the 24kt gold dot "shell gold" on too, the sumptuous materials appeal to me.

So rough about your arthritis. Health stuff catches up to all of us sometime. I have some but thankfully it's my lower back instead of my hands. I get fibro flaring up on temperature issues but my hands still function pretty well.

Shirl Parker
03-01-2016, 12:41 AM
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