View Full Version : The Economy of Fused Cast Bricks in Glass Furnaces

12-23-2015, 04:17 AM
Fused cast AZS block has been used in the checker work of the regenerator and the crown in the glass furnace.

Fused cast AZS block has excellent resistance to the erosion by fly ash to the checker brick in the regenerator, which is confirmed by its application in the burner. Fused cast AZS is durable than other bricks even it is only used in the upper layer of the checker work.

The performance of fused cast AZS block in the crown has been confirmed in the furnace with a small span. It shows excellent resistance. The new fused cast AZS crown structure as well as the insulation method developed by R.E.R from France has been used in the glass furnaces with a span of 11m and large furnaces. It is characterized by the use of light and firm magnetic structure and complete insulation with a 500mm insulation layer.

The limit temperature of silica brick crown is 1600℃, while the fused cast AZS block can be used safely in the 1680℃. AZS also has excellent corrosion resistance to fly ash and vapor of volatile components. Therefore, the temperature of the furnace can be increased to 100℃. Ina addition, there is a low risk of burning of materials. The crown is low, which increases the heat radiation and improve the melting rate and reduce the energy consumption.

Since 1965, the fused cast AZS crown has been used. The crown was initially built with common silica brick, mainly used in the glass fiber and borosilicate glass melting furnace. The fused cast AZS crown as well as the insulation method began to be actually used and its application was even expanded to large soda lime glass melting furnaces. In 1974, the structure was used in large cross-fired furnaces with a span of 11m. Besides, it is also used in the container glass furnace in France and can reduce 130 liters heavy oil per ton.

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