View Full Version : Experience with BEST Deluxe Lobo or Halley Easel?

learning to paint
12-08-2015, 11:21 AM
Setting up a studio. Anyone with direct experience with either of these easels for pastel? Are they sturdy? Any concerns? Alternative recommendations? Thanks.

12-08-2015, 06:17 PM
I have had the Deluxe Lobo for over 10 yrs now. It's a versatile easel for not a large price tag. Simple, light but sturdy. Good for smaller studios spaces as it's footprint isn't very big. Decent construction. I have moved so much over the last 10 yrs, and my easel has pulled through each move unscathed.

One issue I've had is that the back support piece tends to widen if tightened too much. This would crack the wood if you weren't careful. This is a design flaw that could be easily fixed with a few different solutions.

Now I had a quick look at the Halley. It pretty much seems like the Lobo on steroids!! If the construction on some of the moving pieces is better than the Lobo, it might be a better investment. Plus it seems to have some extra bits and features to you might find useful.

If cost is an issue (honestly, I didn't look at the price for the Halley), the Lobo is a great usuable easel that will serve ya well.

12-08-2015, 10:24 PM
I had a Lobo style easel that might have been the Best one and loved it. The shelf underneath was handy for where all my pastels lived, it tilted forward to let the dust fall off, it folded flat for storage or moving. It was fantastic. Never had any problem with it or wanted a heavier one since I only worked on paper or a big drawing board with paper on it, or foamboard or mat board as support. Not on heavy wood boards.

I did have to check that things didn't unscrew over time because cat, because me, because grandchildren curious about knobs that turn. It was simple to adjust and I enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to getting it back or getting another.

Don't know the Halley for comparison but in general you get what you pay for. If it's a Lobo on steroids it probably stands up better to heavy supports or rough handling.

12-10-2015, 12:31 AM
I just had a better look at the Halley. The hardware and basic movement design look identical to the Lobo. It does have alot of extra bits that would be handy ( ie. the tray ), especially if Pastel isn't your only medium.

Now price wise, it is about double the Lobo. I don't know where ya live, but I was looking on the dick blick website, and the Halley is on for 53% off. All that for under 500.00. Now would be the time to buy it. Lobo is also on sale for a great deal as well.

*Sigh...makes me wish I was in the market for a new easel.....and that Dick Blick sales didn't make me sad for being Canadian...

12-11-2015, 02:47 PM
Here's the Lobo in my studio. In this photo it's set up for a sitting position.


And this is a photo of the back support that I have concerns about (I used to have a washer inbetween the plastic knob and the wood, which helped, but I forgot to replace it after the last move)

learning to paint
12-22-2015, 11:41 PM
Very helpful, thank you.

Interesting to compare prices— first time I’ve bought something in this price range online. Including shipping and handling, prices seem to be $452 at Cheap Joe’s, $456 at Jerry’s, $465 at Utrecht (owned by Blick), $492 at Blick, $544 at Madison Art Shop, just over $600+ (shipping total?) at FineArtStore, about $690 including shipping at Artisan-Santa Fe, $731 at New York Central (plus shipping), and $739 from Amazon - Jack Richeson.

Quite a price spread. A difference of (calculating…) about 40%. This is a heavy item so it requires an additional charge for shipping, but still...