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Pete Hill
11-24-2015, 09:38 PM

An acrylic I did of a Fokker D-II fighter engaging a Nieuport 11 of the French air-force. This action took place during the famous Allied bombing raid on the German town of Oberndorf where the Mauser rifle factory was situated. In the first large-scale aerial daylight bombing raid in history, over 60 French and British light bombers, including Farmans, Breguet Vs and Sopwith 1&1/2 Strutters flew to Germany on October 12th 1916. Accompanying them was an escort of Nieuport 11s of the French air-force and the Lafayette Escadrille.
The raid was not a success, many of the Allied bombers had to turn back, either lost or suffering mechanical problems and several had to force or crash-land in German territory. Of those that did reach Oberndorf, they achieved only a few bomb hits in or around the factory, doing little damage.
German fighters, including Fokker D-IIs and two-seater Roland C-IIs, rose to intercept the Allied formation.
French-American ace Raoul Lufbery was in the air that day and he was credited with one of the Rolands shot down. It was his 5th confirmed victory, making him an Ace.
German pilot Otto Kissenberth, piloting a Fokker D-II, flew two sorties that day, attacking the bomber formation on both its inward and homeward legs. In what was one of his first fighter sorties, Kissenberth shot down two Farmans and a Breguet V. It would be well over a year before he had the chance to score again but he finished the war with 20 kills to his name.
Ten Allied bombers failed to return and an 11th crashed on landing. The raid, however, did teach the Allies many vital lessons on long-range bombing tactics.

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Fascinating story and a beautiful picture

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Well done!

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I like the angles of attack you use on your planes, Pete.